Community Workers

I see and say hola to a lot of children and adults on my walk each morning. These two guys are the ones that keep the streets clean in San Clemente. They deserve our appreciation and gratitude for a job well done. Especially if you walk on the streets of Centro the morning after Fiesta or Carnaval and then see them after these guys work their magic!

San Clemente 9.15.2014 001San Clemente 9.15.2014 003thanks again for a job well done!



Finishing The Walls

When we bought this house we never thought to look at the one side of the house that faces an empty lot. When we finally looked, part of one wall of the house and the entire security wall on that side were unfinished.

San Clemente 6.21.2014 006San Clemente 6.21.2014 003I talked to our neighbor David about having it finished and painted so he hired a maestro for us to handle the concrete work. It was completed in one day with two maestros and one assistant. The following week David completed the finish work and paint. Ta Da!

San Clemente 9.6.2014 003San Clemente 9.6.2014 004San Clemente 9.6.2014 010Now this section looks so nice it’s time to have the rest of the house painted….

“Follow Me, and I Will Make You Fishers of Men.”

San Clemente 9-9-2014 002 The Catholic church at the entrance to San Clemente recently received a new coat of paint. Today I noticed the beautiful painting on the entrance wall. This is a wonderful tribute to a fishing village.

San Clemente 9-9-2014 001If anyone knows the artist please let me know so I can give him/her credit.
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Building a Boat Next Door

Several months ago, Oscar – who owns the house across the street from ours – started working behind his house. I finally took a look out our window to see a boat taking shape.

San Clemente 6.21.2014 016I will never get used to how things are done here. It’s a great spot, out of the sun, lots of fresh air and close to his home. Couldn’t get any better.

San Clemente 9.5.2014 027San Clemente 9.5.2014 028This past week the boat frame was finished and several men carried it away. Good fishing, guys!