New friends

We were fortunate to meet a lovely family who had been living in the Puerto Lopez area for almost 2 years.  The Creasey’s took us under their wing and proved that Americans, especially those from the South, are a wonderful giving people. We had the opportunity to become familiar with Scott from his involvement in one of Ecuador forums that we were monitoring before our move.  As we did more research on areas that would be of interest to us Puerto Lopez popped up over and over again as a place that may be worth a look. We contacted Scott who was very gracious with his knowledge and answered numerous emails on our multitude of questions.  For the weeks that we spend in Puerto Lopez we were treated with the finest in Southern Hospitality by this gracious family.  We were sad to leave the area.  But our travels will always take us back to Puerto Lopez for all the wonderful things it has to offer especially to visit our new friends Scott, Pat and Jeremy.

Las Tunas Sunset at the Creasey's home

Las Tunas Sunset at the Creasey's home

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