Puerto Lopez or bust!

On March 31 we flew out of Quito to Manta with a two-hour taxi ride to Puerto Lopez – it was a beautiful day for traveling and we had an excellent flight that lasted a bit over 30 minutes.  Arriving in Puerto Lopez we were taken directly to our hostel Itapoa – located directly across the street from the beach.  What a simple little town with it’s brightly painted houses lining the ocean road.

Our first visit to Puerto Lopez Beach April 1, 2010

Over the next several weeks we would walk the town taking in all that this quaint town had to offer. The malecon (boardwalk to those of us from the North) is flanked by little banboo huts with palm frond roofs, the floors are sand and the furniture is sling backed chairs, bamboo tables and hammocks.  They serve batidos which are milk shakes made with fresh fruit of your choice like papaya, avocado, fresa (strawberry)  mora (blackberries), banana, tree tomato and many other tropical fruits.  These places which number around 20 also serve cocktails like pina coladas, coco loco and mojito cubano as well as the “Big Beer” a huge 22 oz. frosty cold Pilsener that Joe took as his favorite.

A fresa cocktail and the "Big Beer" April 1, 2010

A fresa cocktail and the "Big Beer" April 1, 2010

We spent many sunsets sitting at Jimmy’s or Ivan’s on the malecon cheering on the end of the day with our drink of choice.  What a relaxing place this Puerto Lopez is.

Sunset Puerto Lopez, April 1, 2010

Sunset Puerto Lopez, April 1, 2010

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