Back to Quito to finalize our residency

On May 16, our attorney had us come back to Quito to complete the final phase of our residency.  We spent another few weeks taking in the beauty of this great city especially the area surrounding Parque La Carolina.  Our stay at Finlandia Hotel was exceptional, everything was perfect even though they were in the process of adding a 4th story to the building and we were on the third floor.

We again got to eat out at some of my new favorite restaurants including a great place for steak La Barcarola located in Plaza Kendo (Av. República El
Salvador y Portugal).- under the owner, Oswaldo Martinez’s tutelage we were made the most tender perfectly cooked steak with a spicy red and green pepper sauce it was to die for. We actually went back three times in total to feast on this excellent meal. The waiter/bartender was a Cuban born genius with his version of a Mojito Cubano.

We found a bakery that made the most decadent pastries filled with Chantilly cream and tarts with an assortment of berries. They also had flautes (french breads) and sold different cheeses cut from huge wheels of brie, cheddar or the Holland cheese they love so much here.  We would pick up a loaf of bread, a sweet tart and a few slices of brie, walk next door to the fruit market and buy a box of raspberries or Joe’s favorites the Uvilla, pick up two bottles of Lemonada Natural and have ourselves a picnic in the park – the weather was beautiful a bit crisp when the sun went behind a cloud but just beautiful for an impromptu picnic.

Police presence - Parque La Carolina

Police presence - Parque La Carolina

We walked the park each day in search of encebollado which is a fish soup made with tons of onions – what a treat it is served with a bowl of popcorn and plantain chips and aji sauce.  Or the choclo cart with it’s over sized kernelled corn on the cob that they coat with a queso fresco or even better an avocado  sauce that made your mouth leap with joy.

Joe enjoying his first bowl of encebellado May 24, Parque La Carolina

Joe enjoying his first bowl of encebellado May 24, Parque La Carolina

We left Quito on June 1st after receiving our resident cards, censo and our stamped passports.  We are now legal residents of Ecuador.  Hi Ho– Hi Ho it’s off to the beach we go… to find a home for Joe and I,  Hi Ho — Hi Ho!

4 thoughts on “Back to Quito to finalize our residency

  1. I received this lovely reply from our friends in Quito at the La Barcarola Restaurant — and will update the article to include the address.

    Nancy & Joe:
    It has been surprising and fine to know about you. That picture of you both
    on the beach is great. You are really living in a paradise where the last
    technology (state of the art) has not arrived yet and hope never do, because
    technology kills human feelings.
    We the Cuban bartender and me took a look in your web page and want to greet
    you because of the good opinions you say about our steaks and cocktails, but
    we request if you could include our address: Plaza Kendo (Av. República El
    Salvador y Portugal).
    Try to eat the black fish called CHAME that belongs only to Manabí
    gastronomy .It is ugly in appearance but good to taste. And try SALPRIETA
    that is a kind of flour made with corn and peanut like an additive to any
    solid food. It has erotic effects.
    Thanks a lot.
    Oswaldo Martínez

  2. I received this reply from my dear friend Professor Otto Wald from Dolega, Panama.


    I am very glad that you and Joe have found a nice place to live in Salinas,Ecuador
    Your friends in Dolega will always remember you
    We are taking care of your garden
    I and your friends wait that mabe you could visit us in the next few years.
    I will subscribe to your blog, send us pictures so mabe we could publish them, Would you and your husband authorize us to do it?

    God bless,

    Otto Wald

  3. Hello, thanks for this nice blog. I’ve heard about mountain sickness in Quito due to its height (9,000 ft). That was not an issue for you?

    • Hi Juan, We have made several trips to Quito when we were working on our residency papers and did not have any real issues, yes we walked a little slower for the first few days but that is about it. Here on the coast of course we are at sea level so things are perfect, Thanks for your comment. Nancy

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