Wake-up call at 6AM

One of the facilities for all sectors of Ecuador’s military has a base at the end of this Peninsula.  Every other morning one of the groups runs down the beach. Most mornings I’m not awake enough to get a video but this morning I heard them and jumped up to get a look.  It was still pretty dark and the first video I took where they were running  on the beach may not make it to this post because it will be entirely too dark but the second when they were running back down the street may be good enough to view.  If you know what they are yelling please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Wake-up call at 6AM

  1. Even though it isn’t english, it sounds very similar to a cadence we used to call out when running in the Army.
    Caller: One mile
    Group: No sweat
    Caller: two miles
    Group: better yet

    It goes on and on, the cadence really helps with morale boosting and breathing patterns while running. I would have to know the language to tell you exactly what they are saying. But this video made me smile thinking about my time in the Army.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Robyn, That is exactly what I though as well — I guess all military uses some form of cadence to keep the boots hitting the pavement at the same time.. I would be out of breath running and yelling at the same time.

    • Last evening around 8pm a series of small boats crossed the harbor in front of our apartment. You only knew they were boats because a small red light was on and it was moving slowly across the water. We went about our business and then I heard some voices at the far end of the beach. There were about 100 soldiers lined up yelling back to one leader. About 2 minutes later they fell out, got back in their boats and silently went back down the coast. We assume it was some sort of military exercise – each day amazes us as to what we see and hear in Ecuador! It’s all so new to us!

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  3. Greetings.
    I cannot express my admiration and astonishment towards this blog! It is fantastic! First of all, let me send you big chunks of warm congratulations!
    I have read almost all your entries. Those describing words used to detail my country were taken by me with such enchantment. Awesome descriptions!
    My name is Carlos Andres Blacio and I am ecuadorian. I have been working as a teacher for 6 years in a prestigious school in my hometown, Guayaquil.

    It is a great pleasure to have you living here, especially in the region that I most love: the coast of Ecuador!

    I know this entry was posted around 2 years ago. Anyways, allow me to contribute to it and tell you WHAT IN THE HEAVENS THESE GUYS WERE YELLING AT 6AM! =)

    So…listening to the video was a bit hard, honestly. The audio is not quite good since the acoustic of the building distorted the entire cadence.

    But I did my best! Yay! Haha….and this is what I got:

    1:00 They group chants “bueno,bueno”
    1:07 The leader chants “Seguimos trotando?” and they answer back (1:09) “Si, mi comando!”.
    1:10 The leader yells “BUENO!”
    1:11 Now the leader yells “Buenos dias” and they answer “Buenos dias…buenos dias”.
    1:14 They all repeat “Salinas!…Salinas!”
    1:19 Everyone repeats “JUNTOS!….JUNTOS!”
    1:25 “Comando…Comando…Comando…Comando”
    1:27 “Ecuador…Ecuador…Ecuador…Ecuador”
    1:30 The leader yells “SIEMPRE…” and the rest answer (1:32) “LISTOS!”

    Once again, congratulations and keep up the great work!


    • Dear Carlos, Thank you so much for your kind words. Joe and I have loved every minute of our Ecuadorian adventure since coming here back in March of 2010. I am so happy that my love for your country comes through in my blog entries. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and post what the runners were yelling. Salinas was a wonderful place to get our feet wet in Ecuador, we are now living in Playas and are enjoying it as well. You made me realize that I loved writing in my blog and because of your kinds words I will start it up again. Thank you again for your kindness, Nancy

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