Power outages and Horse liniment

We have had it great since moving here because our power only went out one night at around 3am for a few minutes – until yesterday.  At 6:3o am while attempting to chat with our daughter Jennifer, who lives in Japan, the power went out.  Our internet still worked but our “little netbook that could” would probably not last very long with 5 windows open, SKYPE  running and me trying to update this blog. So I got off-line and stayed off-line all day. My friend, Amy came over with her housekeeper (I really needed to have some deep cleaning done in the apartment) and told me that the power company shuts off the power twice a year for a full day to do repairs and maintenance on their equipment.  You don’t need air conditioning here, we kept the refrigerator door closed and went about our day as usual. I had already made our pot of coffee and our stove is gas so we were pretty well set for the day. Our building had generator power for the elevators and lights but the individual units were without power.  It really did not affect us except we could not listen to music and Joe reminded me that we needed to buy batteries for our stereo and I said how long would batteries last if the power is out all day.  He had no reply… While Amy and I were strategically planning our next outing, we heard this bell – it rang over and over again and actually sounded like it was coming from the hallway. I went out several times but did not hear anything. So after several minutes of it continuing I went out in the hall again and hear this guy yelling and this bell ringing.  I remembered that our elevators have some sort of handle inside for emergencies – someone must be stuck in the elevator!  I pushed my elevator button and nothing happened so I walked down 3 flights and discovered that the yelling was coming from the floor above us.  Well this guy said (in English) that he just moved into the building today and could not get out of the elevator.  The top floor of our building is one unit all the others have two units each and apparently the elevator opens into the unit with a key.  How he got stuck who knows.  So I proceeded to walk down 11 flights to get the building supervisor and then walked back up. When I got to the 6th floor I had to sit as my legs were like rubber. Joe and I walk all the time, the beach, shopping, around town but walking up stairs, not so much. When I woke up this morning my calves felt like they were going to charley-horse at any moment – I’m dragging my feet as not to move those muscles and we have so much to do today.  I hope a hot shower does the trick. I happened to have a few liniment options and used both of these along with a few other items and still I’m in sad shape.

Horse liniment and Chino salve for a calf or two

Horse liniment and Chino salve for a calf or two

By the way they must have gotten the guy out of the elevator I never did get to see him.

3 thoughts on “Power outages and Horse liniment

  1. Oh my goodness, Nancy! If I were there, I’d massage those legs correctly for you. I’ll see if I can’t email you a page or two that might help.

    • Karen – sorry I did not see this message until now – I am not a pro on this blogging stuff yet. Well it took about four days for me to walk correctly – I was dragging my feet, avoiding many obstacles that require you to lift pushing off with your toes – this was sad — I guess that tells me we need to exercise more…thanks for the offer we may be visiting you often to take advantage of your expertise!!

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