Christmas in August

Joe and I are big readers and when we lived in Panama we had a wonderful used bookstore “The Bookmark” within walking distance from our home.  We were spoiled, Hal would order anything you wanted from the US and had a really good selection on hand.

When we moved we left with five suitcases – holding all our worldly belongings. Yes, some books made it that were extremely precious to us like our family bible, Purpose Driven Life, three cookbooks that I have owned for almost 30 years and my three handwritten books of recipes along with Atlas Shrugged,  several works by Anthony de Mello and of course our guides to Ecuador and South America.  In our travels we have purchased books in Quito, exchanged books at several places in Puerto Lopez but found ourselves book deprived here in Salinas. We did get an offer from Ocean Hideaway to exchange books there but between getting settled in with all the apartment chores and just trying to relax after several months on the road we have not had the time nor the energy to visit.

Joe found a bookmark that we were given from Confederate Bookstore in Quito, (Calama 410 y Juan Leon Mera) in his last unread book . So he emailed Bill Grochowski ( the owner with a proposition, we would give him a list of authors and some specific book choices and asked if he would put together a box of book and ship them down to us.  It worked perfectly and yesterday our package arrived.

Books, Books, Books

Books, Books, Books

It was like Christmas, Joe and I opening this huge box and pulling out a wonderful selection of reading material.  Bill even picked out a few cookbooks that will keep me busy in the kitchen and make Joe very happy.

Our only decision now is which book to read first as our hammocks are ready and waiting for us.

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