Wendy and Dusty visit Salinas

Wendy is a self-proclaimed stalker!  Well I should say stalker of my restaurant reviews.  She and her husband Dusty are visiting our coastal city for the month. And she is using my reviews as a guide to their eating adventures. Lucky dogs – at their age they found a way to work long distance through the internet and you can do that as easy in Salinas as in Anywhere, USA.

We had a very nice lunch in Chipipe this afternoon. It was so refreshing to meet these lovely folks that have such a great attitude towards new and different cultures, foods and people.

Good luck to both of  you on your traveling adventures. Please keep me posted on places you found of interest, who knows where Joe and I may want to visit next.

2 thoughts on “Wendy and Dusty visit Salinas

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    • Good Morning – Wendy and Dusty are just here in Salinas for the month – they plan on doing some traveling in Ecuador and other South American countries. This is a wonderful thing to do when your young and have so much freedom, I wish Joe and I did this years ago.

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