7 thoughts on “Sand Art

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  2. Ah, yes, my files have some similar images. Years ago when I worked in a design studio in Mississippi, the field designers would request ‘organic designs.’ We would often scratch our heads and wonder exactly what we could do that was different. The sand designs are surely classic ‘organic designs.’ My fellow artists would probably appreciate seeing these!

    • Joe thought you would appreciate these, I had never seen such beautiful natural sand art but having never lived on the beach our vacations never had enough time to observe such beautiful designs. I am not sure if sand on the coast of Florida ever looks like this. N

  3. I agree with Playamart these images would make great wall art. Blow the photos up and attach to canvas. So organic. I ‘m currently reading your blog. Thanks for the work you put into this. I like hearing about day to day happenings. It gives you a fill for the place. We are thinking about visiting around Christmas for about 10 days. Jan from Mississippi

    • Hi Jan, thanks for your comments. I am looking for some art for the one great wall when you walk into the house, I had something a bit more colorful in mind but those sand images may just be what my wall needs. I will need to think on it for a while but I will let you know if that is the way I go by posting pictures on the blog. I love Lisa’s (Playamart) eye as well, being an artist herself she can see the possibilities in things normal folks like me might miss. Have a great day, N

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