El Marinero Restaurante

Yesterday we decided to have breakfast before we took our walk down the beach.  Our choice was El Marinaro Restaurante several blocks behind the malecon near the bus station and Civichelandia.


I decided to have a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast, it was steak covered with onions, tomatoes and green peppers in a delicate sauce, with rice and patacones. What a breakfast – can’t ever remember having rice for breakfast except maybe rice krispies!

Desayuno Montubio – it was served with coffee and tree tomato juice – Arbol de Tomate or tamarillo.

Desayuno TIgre – this was also served with coffee and tree tomato juice.

Joe’s dish was plantains with cheese – it was rich and creamy and way too much to eat. Joe still prefers eggs and toast.

It is a step above the restaurants in Civichalandia with cloth tablecloths instead of plastic.  It was clean, the staff was attentive and the food was very good. We will go back for lunch or dinner soon.

Thanks for following our adventures!

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