Preparing for New Years Eve, Salinas Style

In taking my morning walk the past few days I have noticed a few interesting things on the malecon.  First in front of the port office there are two boats with a few passengers aboard.

Next at the Alamar condo there was this powerful looking guy! I’m not sure what GAP is so if anyone knows please leave a comment so I can update this post.

Now sitting alone in the parking lot of our building you find this guy, he seems to be missing a few things.  No he was not hit by that car…

Today I found him in better form, ha ha

Then I saw this guy in one of the condo windows looking out to sea… or maybe just waiting for the big bonfire on New Years Eve.

A tradition here in South America is to make an effigy and put lists of all of the bad things that happened in the past year inside.  Oh yes and did I mention fireworks? These are then taken to the beach and set on fire at midnight on New Years Eve.

We are expecting to see quite a show New Years Eve between the bonfires and the fireworks. Joe and I will be up watching the show from our private box (balcony) overlooking the action.

We wish you a great 2011.  May God bless us all with health, happiness and of course His peace.  Nancy & Joe

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