Just call me Tia Abuela (Great Aunt)

I am proud to introduce Ava Paulukonis – my first great-niece, from my side of the family.

Yesterday at  9:14 pm Ava arrived in full form, she weighted in at 7 lbs 11 oz , 19.5″ with a full head of dark hair and the sunny disposition of her lovely mother, Jackie.  Rob stood by in awe as he was handed his beautiful baby girl.

Mother and baby are doing well and expected to be home in a few days.

Ava will now live in Pennsylvania with her Mom and Dad.  She will soon be skiing, snowmobiling and probably going hunting up the camp with her Grandfather Tony.  Her Grandmother, my sister Debbie, will be spoiling that child and can surely give Jackie any advice on the subject of babies and rearing children.

Congratulations to the parents and “bienvenida” to the newest addition to the family.

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