Baños Termales San Vincente

At 6:30am one morning this week,  I met our friends Monica and John and we headed for the thermal baths.  After a few taxi rides we arrived at San Vicente.

If you are looking for fancy and fussy with lots of ambiance, this is not the place for you.  This is a basic thermal bath that has the addition of the mud pool and massages and a steam room.

It was very inexpensive. A $2 entrance fee gave you the option to use any of the basic facilities which include the thermal bath, swimming pool, mud pool and showers, bathrooms and changing areas.

Here Monica, John and I have just gotten out of the warm, bubbling, mineral laden spa after spending about 20 minutes. Those with high blood pressure are advised to only stay in for 10 minutes at a time.

They also have massages available at $4 for either the volcanic mud or the aloe.  They also offer a steam bath called vapor for $3 which had several wonderful herbs including rosemary and eucalyptus.

What a fun time. When we first got there we changed, showered and then took the first dip in the warm, mineral filled bubbling pool.  It was very difficult getting out — so soothing and relaxing!

After 9am the massage staff arrives and we were surely warmed up for a good deep massage.  I asked for the volcanic mud massage. It is a 30 minute, pretty intense massage. I used Lucy in room #7. Hands of steel.  After, you move to the outside area and lounge on chairs until the mud dries.

John & I decked out in MUD

Both John and I got the mud massage – then you sit for 15 minutes to allow the mud to dry and then “try to get it all off”.  I must have been in the showers for 20 minutes, I had more in my hair and my ears than on the rest of my body combined!

After we were showered we went back to the mineral spa. By the time we got back, there were about 15 people using it.  Come early because the place fills up.

The mud pool is much larger than I had expected.

All the facilities have separate buildings. The above structure houses the swimming pool, which also has the mineral waters.

There was a display at the entrance walkway showing the bones of an extinct bear once found in this part of Ecuador.

It was a wonderful day and I would love to do this once a week. It was so relaxing and my skin felt like silk after the treatment.

11 thoughts on “Baños Termales San Vincente

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  2. I was there Nancy and yes it was so relaxing! lol I hope to return someday soon! I am glad you are enjoying your Ecuadorian experience!

  3. Nancy, we just did this and had a great, relaxing time!
    Don’t know why we waited so long to take advantage of this treat.
    Maybe we can all meet up together sometime and enjoy it!
    Leigh & Todd (Olon)

  4. Hi Nancy,

    I have been looking for instruction on how to get to this place for four year. I am so grateful for your direction and information. Wow, I can’t wait to have a mud bath in January during our visit to our home in Las Nunes. I would love to meet you and go to the mud bath together. I love the mud bath in Costa Rica and when I move to Ecuador I keep asking don’t they have one in Ecuador? Voila, your imformation is priceless.

    Sincerely yours,
    Kim Anh Whiting

  5. Nancy, this place sounds just up my street. Do you have a phone number or instructions as to how I can get there from Las Nunes? I would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thanks Julie

    • Hi Julie – I did not drive to the thermal baths we took a van from Libertad it is on the main highway and I cannot see a telephone number for the business itself but I did find the Municipalidad de Santa Elena Complejo Turistico San Vicente number it’s 253 5100 they should be able to give you directions. Have a great day, Nancy

  6. I was there 2 days ago. Everything looks exactly the same as on your 2 years old photos. I like that. I also went for the mud massage and drying in the hot Ecuadorian sun during high noon. VERY recommendable. But the price for a massage was recently adjusted to 5 USD ;).

    • Hoshito, It is a very nice place for a very little money to get a good massage and the thermal bath…would love to have one up near us. Thanks for you comment, Nancy

  7. Hi Nancy,
    Glenda (my wife) and I are supposed to be in Gauyaquil in a couple of days ….. we’d like to experience San Vincente ….. you mention about several taxi rides to get there …. can you advise as to the best and of course economical ways to get there and back ….. we were quoted some pretty crazy taxi costs …. which companies have you used …. thanks anticipated
    Alex Deutsch

    • Hola Alex, when we visited San Vicente’s Banos we lived in Salinas. So we took a bus to La Libertad and then took a taxi to the hot springs. First thing you need to know is there are several San Vicente’s in Eucador, one is up here near Bahia de Caraquez….so be sure your taxi has the correct place or you may be riding around for a while. I am going to send you a private email, Nancy

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