Mandatory Evacuation

The president announced a mandatory evacuation for the coast.  We repacked our bags, having just gotten back from almost a week in Ballenita, and went out looking for transportation to Guayaquil.  We got together with Amy Prisco and she found a driver to take us away from any danger.  The traffic was unbelievable but we made it to the Sheraton and spent the day drinking Long Island Ice Teas in the Tony Roma’s at the Mall del Sol. Our first trip to Guayaquil – not exactly under the best of circumstance but we do our best!

Thank God nothing hit Ecuador.  They said that 300,000 people were evacuated.

These guys were enjoying their evacuation, I don’t know who had more fun taking pictures me or them!!

Every possible spot in the back of pickups were taken.

On a very personal note:  Our daughter Jennifer and son-in-law Isaac live in Japan and their area was spared any of the real damage.  We have been so blessed with this news. Our prayers go out to the folks of Japan today.


10 thoughts on “Mandatory Evacuation

    • Jen
      I understand what you are saying. We have been through a few of the 6 earthquakes in Panama. I don’t know what I would have done if they had been almost 9’s… So was there much damage in your area? Are the trains running again and are you back home? Kisses, Love Mom & Dad

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    • Mary & Dennis – thanks for thinking about us and especially following the blog – you are great friends to do that. All is fine we will be going back to the coast this afternoon after doing some shopping here.

  2. Glad to hear all is well at the coast. We will be moving to Ocean Towers in Playas in August 2012. Can’t wait.

    Best wishes,
    JR and Kathy

    • JR & Kathy – Good for you, I’m sure you will just love it. We have not visited Playas yet – we had such plans to travel up and down the coast, but I guess are just to happy with Salinas. This is our first trip to Guayaquil and if it weren’t for the evacuation we would not be here now.

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