Farallon Dillon Hosteria – Ballenita Part II

Sorry these posts got pushed aside for the last few days but I plan on completing my series on Ballenita and Farallon Dillon Hostel in the next few days.

I was determined to stick to my routine and walk the beach each day while we were here. I never realized just how many steps you need to climb to get back up.  One hundred and twenty-three to be exact. And that does not include the staircase to our room. It was a good workout. The beach is just beautiful – nothing except a few shells right in front of the hotel.

Unbelievable single family houses have been built right on the water. According to Dennys, the manager of the hotel, they are unoccupied except for a few holidays each year.

The hotel and restaurant are  filled with some beautiful artwork and nautical antiques and curiosities. Take a look:

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!

5 thoughts on “Farallon Dillon Hosteria – Ballenita Part II

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    • Hey Paul – We just loved our vacation there – what a great spot and the food oh the food… I will look at your photo’s they are coming up right now. Have a great day! Are you planning a trip back to Ecuador?

      • Hi Nancy, if you go to “sets” you will get all my sets on your screen, and it’s the one labled as “Ecuador” with the virgin of panecillo as the icon. La Victoria is located south of Quito on the way to Quilotoa. A very beautiful drive I must say. As far as a trip, I am always planning a trip to Ecuador:-) My family and I most desperately wish to live there.

    • Paul what is the name of the album – I’ve looked through a few – really great shots of the pottery in La Victoria (where is that by the way) and Cotopaxi but did not see any photos of the hostel

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