Farallon Dillon Hostal – The People and The Food

Sorry this has taken me so long to complete. This is my last post on our stay at Farallon Dillon in Ballenita.  Here are some of the folks that made our stay at the Farallon Dillon so wonderful:

Dennys and his lovely wife helped to make our stay with them memorable.  We really appreciated their attention to all the little details.

David was also most attentive. His Long Island Iced Teas were “”to die for” and his knowledge of the area and history of the hotel made our stay more interesting.  He was kind enough to show us many of the rooms and we especially liked the beautiful room overhanging the cliff shown below.

What a view!!!

If you get the opportunity to visit, please do. The accommodations were very comfortable, the food was excellently prepared and served. My all time favorite dish has to be the Butterfly Swordfish with Garlic Wine Sauce. Second choice would be Mahi Mahi with Seafood Sauce. Joe liked the Seafood Rice and the Seafood Soup.

I took many pictures of the nautical antiquities Captain Dillon collected over his 30 years traveling the seas. For those who want to see more, I am posting them. You really should pay a visit yourself if the opportunity arises.

We will be going back to visit very soon.

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