Boat of the Day!

This beauty looked like it was getting fuel yesterday. I tried to watch to see when it left to get a better picture of it but my life got in the way and I missed it when it finally sailed.

13 thoughts on “Boat of the Day!

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  2. I have been reading SOZ for many months gleaning info for an anticipated trip/discovery jaunt to Ecuador and the coast, or near coast is our preferred location. I grew up fishing w/rod&reel from the surf and the piers and docks and jettys but have never seen any thing like that in any posts. Of course there only seems to be 4,5 of you expadores on the coast so it may not be seen, prevalent, or noteworthy. You appear to be very observant of all manor of activities in your general neighborhood and I wonder if I am looking for something that is just not available, or common. I am just an older gringo wishing to go back to 1945-1965 SoCal way of life.
    Thank you for your time, and please excuse my abrupt intrusion;
    Sincerely; Marson Corbly

    • Hey Marson – Never need to apologize, this is part of my retirement and I actually enjoy writing the blog, taking the pictures and answering the comments.

      First we do not have any piers in our area of Salinas, there are a few jetties the one is where the Salinas Yacht Club sits and you can’t get in there, the second is on the military base and I don’t think you can get in there either. I honestly cannot say that I have seen anyone with a fishing pole on the beaches trying to fish. There are tons of fishing boats, folks that will take you out to fish and of course you can charter a nice fishing boat for a half or full day but these tend to run into money. I will see if any of my Expat friends know of any place to fish and will let you know.

      Nothing wrong with trying to get back to a simpler time, Joe has often talked about how great it would have been to be able to raise our daughter in the 50’s it was a good time, business booming, Mommy could stay home with the kiddies and life was so much simpler. Ecuador and Panama are like living in the 50’s again, sure we have the computer but we really do not depend upon the TV, video games, computer etc to entertain us – we spend much of our day, walking, watching the water and the boats coming and going, people and getting good old fresh air. And of course I forgot trying new places and coming back to the old ones for almuerzo. It is a good life for us…

    • Marson – My friend Tom got back to me regarding the fishing question, here is his reply:
      “Hello Nancy, weve seen them fishing from the shore at night on the beach, you can fish out by the army base off the rocks, and weve talk to the american with the argentinian wife,he goes out fishing on a boat for $40.00”

      So I guess you have many choices for fishing here, bring your pole and get to the beach.


  3. Nancy, Eduardo above (who is my BIL) is an experienced fisherman. He loves to either go out fishing, or do it from the shore.

    Eduardo, Marson que comenta aquí quiere saber si es posible pescar desde la orilla en la zona de la Península.

    • Xica and Eduardo, Thank you for letting my readers know about the fishing issue. I will pass your email address onto Marson for when he visits Salinas. Have a wonderful day! Nancy

    • Hola Xica, claro que es posible, exactamente en el malecon de Salinas hay dos meses en que el Robalo se acerca a la playa a alimentarse de un molusco al que le dicen “minchugo”, este molusco esta enterrado en la arena y es, al parecer la comida preferida del Robalo, muchos pescadores lo saben y en estos meses (oct y nov) los puedes ver haciendo spinning desde la playa.

      Nancy’s Edit: For my English only readers here is a translation of Eduardo’s message to Xica; (Google Translate)
      Hello Xica, of course it’s possible, just on the waterfront of Salinas two months when the snook are on the beach to feed on a mollusk that say “minchugo, this mollusk is buried in the sand and, at Apparently the favorite food of sea bass, many anglers know this and in these months (October and November) you can see them by spinning from the shore.

  4. Hola Nancy, en efecto, desde septiembre y hasta principios de diciembre es magnifica la pesca de robalo (snook) exactamente frente a tu casa, desde la playa con spining, se usa un pez que se llama “choca” como carnada y se pueden obtener piezas de hasta 20 libras, esta pesca es por las noches, si Marson necesita mas informacion estoy presto a darle, dejale saber mi direccion electronica por favor, saludos para ti y tu esposo.

    Xica, gracias por tu recomendacion, en octubre cuando vinimos con Paola era comun ver a docenas de pescadores a lo largo del malecon de Salinas desde las 7.00pm cobrando buenas piezas de snook (robalo). Saludos.

    I took the liberty of translating to English on Google Translate:

    Hi Nancy, indeed, from September to early December is a wonderful bass fishing (snook) just in front of your house from the beach with spinning, using a fish called “hits” bait and can be obtained parts up to 20 pounds, this fish is at night, if you need more information Marson am ready to give, let him know my email address please, greetings to you and your husband.

    Xica, thanks for your recommendation, in October when he came to Paola was common to see dozens of fishermen along the boardwalk of Salinas from 7.00pm gaining good pieces of snook (bass). Greetings.

    • Good Morning Eduardo, I have posted your comment and added the translation into English from Google Translate. I will also pass the message on to Marson who is most interested in the fishing. Thanks, Nancy

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