Punta Carnero

We took a drive with our friend Tom on Sunday over to the Mar Bravo side of the peninsula and stopped at the Punta Carnero hotel. The views are just magnificent but these waters are very dangerous and there are signs warning not to swim because of the riptide and undertow. At high tide it does not look like there is much of a beach behind the hotel but I’m sure at low tide it would be a beautiful walk. The hotel is very quiet, dining room was large and airy.  They have a pool and you can walk down to the beach.

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The hotel is located on Mar Bravo approximately 20 minutes by taxi from the malecon in Salinas.

5 thoughts on “Punta Carnero

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  2. Nancy; I love the slide presentation. I got your response and have been writing to Jessica. TY! would you tell a nosey old man,– where is Punta Carnero in relation to Salinas/Anconcito –or? All I have is a Google world and it doesn’t label Carnero. One other ?? –what price ranges are the hotels? Either at Carnero or at Jambeli, which I believe you wrote about having visited.
    Thank you for your gracious, prompt reply.

    • Good Morning Marson, I added the price sheet that Joe had picked up at the hotel to my post. The hotel is on a bluff on the Mar Bravo side of the peninsula, from the malecon in Salinas it is approximately a 20 minute taxi ride. I really don’t know anything about Jambeli. In looking at a Google map Jambeli looks to be above Quito. We have never been there. Have a great Sunday, Nancy & Joe

  3. Nancy–Thanks- lovely pictures–How far is from Salinas? tel number and exact address and rates please–Thanks again–Yusuf

    • Hi Yusuf, I added the price sheet to my post on Punta Carnero. They have a website as well as an email address for any other questions. As to an exact address not sure if the hotel has one. There are other hotels over on that side, I will see if I can get a list together. Nancy

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