Finding a helping hand: Continued

This is the continuing saga of the “package in customs”. To recap: I found out that a package that we ordered from the US back the middle of February was shipped on February 25 and was received in Ecuador on March 9 and on March 15 went to customs. I received no notification and discovered after several visits to the post office on March 30 that it was being held up in customs.  First I was told that I required an authorization from Salud before it could be released to me, but after many trips back to the post office all they were looking for was a description of the herbal item that we had ordered. Yesterday, May 24th I finally received the package.

The aggravation level, telephone calls, visits and trying to explain yourself is way beyond what is necessary to have a quiet and peaceful life here. I must thank Belen from Salud and Solomon from Ecuador Correos for all their help with phone calls to customs finally getting my package released.

I just found out about a service that the Ecuador Post Office offers  that is called Club Correos. I am going to look into this service for those items that are impossible to find here. You can view their website at

Now back to my sandchair and book!

7 thoughts on “Finding a helping hand: Continued

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  2. Club Correos is the way to go. It works great for me, with minimal delays. Small packages come to my house, others wait for me at the post office.

    • Hey Chuck – thanks for letting me know about your experience – we are going to join and place our first order this week. We will let you know how it works for us. Are you and Nancy back in the country? Are the gran-kids with you? When can we expect to see you at the beach? We need to do a picnic on the beach with the kids, doesn’t that sound great! Nancy

  3. Nancy, it is me once again. I really enjoy your various articles about the mundane. It is those simple, day to day things that make life so enjoyable or frustrating. You should be less self-critical when you make a less than raving review of some circumstance. I sense from reading what you have in SOZ that you are very, if not too, tolerant.
    I got in touch with Jessica and then in turn with Eduardo. They are extremely helpful. Thank you. We have been going through a very rough patch of weather here in the Ozarks so I haven’t been able to spend as much time writing as I should.
    Again, keep up the day to day observations and let us vicarious EXPADORIANS live a little.
    Sincerely, Marson

    • Marson- I am so happy that you and Jessica and Eduardo are emailing – hope when you visit you catch the “big one”. I know I really look for the best in everyone and every situation. This probably is a good thing because I do not have high blood pressure issues because I try to be accepting of things where most folks would pitch-a-fit. For me it is easier to take the bad with the good and allow the tranquillo attitude to flow over me. Also, getting upset would only hinder what I am trying to do, the local folks here would not understand me yelling and screaming because that is not the Ecuadorian way. Keep me posted on your plans. N

  4. Hi Nancy!
    Just wanted to chime in and tell you that Club Correos’ service is excellent. If you bring items with a tab of less than $ or that weight less than 4 kg, they come tax free.

    But be careful if you bring “herbal” medicine. Health Ministry will always ask you questions (through Correos) no matter what.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

    • Xica – thanks for the info on the post office – we will probably try it but to order anything that is Herbal would be a mistake – it just takes too much time and energy with all the running back and forth to the Correos office. God bless Belen at Salud, this was not even part of her, job she did it out of kindness I will never be able to repay her for that kindness. What great guys at the Correos also, Solomon was so good about his continual calls to the customs offices for me. What great people the Ecuadorian folks have turned out to be…we are blessed!

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