New Bakery

Right next door to Pizza Piccola a young man has put in a bakery. Yesterday we strolled by while taking our laundry in and he had some really yummy looking items. We bought one of the coconut pastries (the center of which has a rich creamy filling), the red one, I’m sure it is some sort of fruit will be our breakfast treat in the morning and two hard rolls for our steak sandwiches this evening (my $2.80/lb.  leftover lomo fino (tenderloin) from  Friday nights dinner was perfect on these rolls with a bit of spicy horseradish sauce). The pastries are .25 cents each while the rolls were .10 each.

He had a great looking cake right on the top shelf but I fell in love with the coconut pastry and just could not justify a slice of the cake also.

One of the days we had pizza we stopped and he had made a pineapple cake. It was about 5 inches tall with a beautiful layer of chopped pineapple so we got a slice to share and it was excellent. The one thing that we have noticed is that,  like the Mexican pastries we found in Atlanta,  Ecuadorian pastries are not full of sugar with sugary icings, filled with sugary fillings – they taste great without putting tons of sugar in them –  and these taste pretty darn good!

This store is located one block off the malecon directly behind the big Pinguino Ice Cream store. Drop by and buy a few items to try.

9 thoughts on “New Bakery

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I have also found that the small bakery inside the supermarket (mi Comiserato) nearby has nice freshly-baked goodies also. Especially like their “pan de queso.”

    • Hey Leon, We love Junior for there pan de queso y jamón – it is a great breakfast item, especially if I get up late and don’t want to fix anything myself. Just run across the street and hope that they are out of the oven, I think they go for around .35 cents what a deal with cheese and ham. Just enough with a cup of coffee to get us to lunch. I like this new place because they seem to do more dessert type stuff, rather than bread and rolls. I do have a sweet tooth! Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you around town.

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  3. I can’t wait to visit this bakery. I thought I was going to loose weight when I get there from all the walking but now I think I am going to gain weight with all the yummy food.
    Susan 5 Days to Ecuador

    • Susan – 5 days that is great. I took a look at your blog and see you are coming from Decatur, GA we lived in Kennesaw up until 5 years ago, I miss Buford Hwy and all the great Asian supermarkets – how did you decide on Ecuador and in particular Salinas? Hope you have a great trip here. Nancy & Joe

      • Hi Nancy–We’ve been thinking about Ecuador and Salinas in particular. We relocated from Woodstock GA (my wife worked in Kennesaw) to Florida a few years ago. Two barriers. First, I don’t know if I can give up golf (I play a lot) and unfortunately I am gluten intolerant (no wheat for me) which means I have to do a lot of my own baking—-those bakery pictures just make me smack my forehead and say DOH! If you wouldn’t mind, whenever you are in the Supermaxi sometime, could you see if they have white or brown rice flour on the shelves? I’ve seen a post at expat exchange that someone found Quinoa Flour and Bean Flours, but when you overlay the people interested in Ecuador and the people with a gluten intolerance you get an understandably small set! I enjoy your blog and love learning about your experiences. Thanks.

        • Good Morning Vanjohnson, We left Kennesaw 5 years ago and moved to Panama – we lived in Legacy Park and i worked for St. Catherine’s Catholic Church before moving. Golf – there is a golf club here in Salinas, I have never seen it but my friend Tom has and said that it has no grass, It is very dessert-like here in Salinas we get very very little rain so grass is a luxury. But there is a course on the way to Guayaquil that Tom has played and he seems to like it. I can give your email address to Tom and he can answer your questions about golf much better than I can, just let me know if you want me to give him your address. As to flour, I have seen bags and bags of different flours on the shelves, I will write them down and give you a list, I do not remember seeing white or brown rice flour but there is plantain, corn and several assortments of bean flour as well as I think it is Yucca. Thanks for reading our blog.

          • Thanks Nancy. I appreciate it. I sent you a PM from my e-mail address. We lived in Towne Lake in Woodstock and my wife was on Faculty at KSU (I was on Faculty at Georgia State). We made the trip between Towne Lake Parkway and Barrett Parkway a lot (a lot!). I am off to hit golf balls on a course with Grass (the pictures of the Salinas golf course are a riot btw).

            • Hi Van – I will get your email address to Tom for his golf information. We do miss many things about Kennesaw and the area but driving from Towne Lake to KSU or Georgia State everyday would have driven me crazy. The traffic, that is one thing we do not miss here. And not having a car has really not bothered us, taxis are everywhere and so cheap. Well off to start my day, have a good one!

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