Salinas Sunset – The Drink

Salinas Sunset

for 2 (people or drinks)
3 shots good rum, not white – we use Ron Abuelo from Panama but San Miguel gold from Ecuador would be good
1 shot amaretto
3 shots fresh naranjilla juice
2 martini glasses
2 fresh strawberries
1 martini shaker
6 ice cubes

First, to make Naranjilla juice:
Naranjillas are a beautiful orange fruit (when ripe), remove the stem and wash the fruit. Put 4-8 in a pot of boiling water and bring back to a gentle boil, cook for 5-10 minutes depending upon the size of the fruit. Drain and allow the fruit to cool somewhat. Add fruit to your blender along with a few cups of water. Pulse until broken up and blend for 30 seconds. Put the purée through a fine sieve by pushing it with a spatula. Discard the peel and pulp that does not go through. Add enough water to loosen up the pulp to a juice consistency and add sugar to taste. Mix and chill.

Then put in the martini shaker everything but the strawberries which you slice partway and slide over the side of each glass as a garnish.
Shakey shakey shakey as Capt Pedro would say.
It should really really froth up.
pour and repeat as necessary.

9 thoughts on “Salinas Sunset – The Drink

  1. Hi Nancy,
    That looks like something I can use now. I am in New York City and today we hit 93 degrees. Planning to be in Salinas for the Christmas or New Years. Our house is located on 23rd Street, same block as Miami Hotel. It is used as a vacation rental during the year for visitors from the US and Canada. Would you know about the status of Salinas airport and the approximate scheduled opening date? Cheers! Leon

    • Hi Leon, I can attest to the fact that this is a very refreshing drink, when you get here you will need to make a batch of them up and keep them in the frig. As to the airport, we watch the planes coming and going but don’t really think they have commercial flights. We don’t see Lan or Taca or Aerogal insignia on any planes – I have an email into Aerogal and will post what I find out. Thanks for reading our blog, have a great day. Try to stay cool!

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    • Karen, I wish you luck but I have heard that this fruit is very delicate and does not travel very well. How are you doing? As you can see Joe is working on his mixology skills and I am trying to stay out of his way, ha ha

  3. Hi Nancy, finally got some internet, at Will’s place, and we have some items for you! We left a note in your bldg, wanted to ask Birdie what apt you are in, but she wasn’t at the restaurant when we stopped by…..

    We leave tomorrow around noon for Guayaquil. I left a TON of magazines at Score(Will’s), and have more to drop off to you, or at Score if we don’t see you. I also have something for Joe. Plan B is to leave your goodies at Score….so be sure to stop by tomorrow (Fri) and snag ’em!

    LOVE Salinas, and can’t wait to move here 🙂

    • Tami, I am so sorry that we missed meeting you and your family. thanks for the magazines and stuff for Joe, we will drop by today and pick them up from Wills. Have a safe trip back to the states and let us know of your moving plans.

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Guess I’ll have to wait till November when in Salinas to try. None of that fruit in CA! I’m curious why no white rum? Is it a preference or critical to taste of drink? I had some good white rum in Cuenca that was cheap and good.

    • Hi Bob,Thanks for keeping up with our blog, Joe is a rum snob, no not really but his stomach can’t take the white rums for some reason so when we found Abuelo and he could drink it he used it in everything. I’m sure white will work just as well and if you can find it cheap even better. I understand that naranjilla just does not ship well so they cannot export it, you will have your fill of it when you get here I’m sure. It does last for at least a week once in the refrigerator and so Joe and I enjoy it all week long, but mostly for breakfast without the rum. ja ja ja

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