Sand castles

What a great sand castle in progress on the beach!

It must have been Friday morning and we heard this front-end loader on the beach making a racket. What he was doing is making a huge pile of sand near the malecon. We could not figure out for what purpose you want a 10 – 15 foot high pile of sand near the sidewalk until we saw these two guys working on a sandcastle. It is nowhere completed and they have been working on it for a few days already.  I wonder if they sleep near it so it is not disturbed???

5 thoughts on “Sand castles

  1. Do you know what the sign says left side of pic? As always thanks Nancy for all the “Real World” pictures of Salinas!

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  3. We saw them working on it, we were down at the beach most days, and it was fun to see their progress.
    Sorry we missed you – we are already planning our next trip, so we will be sure to catch up then.

    • Hey Tami – We will definitely be visiting with you on your next trip, thanks for bringing in the stuff for us from the states. I still have not made it to Wills to pick it up. For being retired I never seem to have enough hours in my day to get everything accomplished that I had planned. Joe and I are making a trip to Playas this week for a few days, just for a change of scenery. We promised ourselves when we moved here back in June of 2010 that we were going to visit the beaches up and down the coast, this will be our first trip. I guess that makes up pretty contented with our lives here. Have a great week!

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