Sand Castle update

When I walked by the sand castle yesterday morning I caught this picture – they have been working on this for over a week now, I can see a bit of improvement.  Also wanted you to see that someone sleeps next to it all night like a guard. Actually with the hood he looks like one of the characters out of Star Wars.

15 thoughts on “Sand Castle update

  1. Hi Nancy,

    The castle looks awesome, how talented, can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Hope all is well, we are all doing great.

    • Ana – thanks for your comment. I will be monitoring their progress and will update as it nears completion. I am waiting to see some of your house pictures, don’t keep me waiting too long okay?. Kisses to you and Steve. N

    • Weather has been very nice, cool evenings, overcast part of the day and just down right nice. When I walk at 6:30am it is usually 19 or 20c – during the day it gets warmer but we are on the 10th floor with front and back balconies so it can be a bit windy and cool from the Mar Bravo side. I have even worn blue jeans out in the evening with a light jacket. I’m sure many out there will let me have it for that remark but I do get chilly some evenings. Try to stay in the A/C, when we lived outside of Atlanta we had our share of hot and humid, then we moved to Panama and that went another whole step higher on the hot and humid scale, being here in Salinas it is almost desert so the humidity is really not a big factor for us anyway. And during this time of the year our winter the Humboldt current keeps everything just right.. plus the addition of seeing whales and dolphins is pretty special…sorry that they don’t come in closer.

        • You are right our summer is Dec.-April – this past year it was beautiful, sun was hot but the temperatures never got anywhere near what we had in Atlanta or Panama. Again, we are on the 10th floor with breezes from the Mar Barvo side. I guess if you were on the ground floor in a house surrounded by a concrete wall it may be hot. Going out during the hottest part of the day, the sun was hot, I do not think you could sit at the beach without an umbrella, you would fry. And we did turn on the A/C in our bedroom some nights but for the others our stand fan did the trick. I guess it is all in how a person handles it, now myself I am bothered more by the cooler weather and need to wear long pants and a light jacket, while others laugh at me because they are in t-shirts and shorts.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Hope all is well in Salinas. My relatives from New Jersey returned yesterday after spending a week in Cuenca and then the next week in Salinas. They visited the baths at San Vincente and especially liked the full-body massage with aloe vera. With respect to the sandcastle, they usually have a small (two person) camping tent right next to the sandcastle where they sleep at night. They do the sandcastle a few times a year and ask for donations if you take a picture ((that’s what the sign next to the plastic bottle said). They will add a small bench in front of it for people to sit and take photos. It turns out to be quite a nice job.

    P.S. I wrote a couple of letters to the mayor concerning the conditions of the side streets close to the Malecon. Many of these streets are in bad, unpaved condition and that is why there is so much dust in the area. No reply from him, or his office. One gentleman told me that the development of Salinas continues to be neglected because the monies are being diverted to the nearby town of Libertad for its development.

    • Hi Leon, Yes, I did see the sign to support the arts, I will make sure when it is finished that I get a photo with the artists for the blog and give them a nice donation. You are right about the dust from the unpaved side streets but as to where the money is going I do not know. I hope the mayor gets back to you, he attended the 4rh of July celebration at Wills’s Score Sports Bar, I think he was impressed at how many Expats live in this area.

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    • Larry – thanks I wanted to call them Wookies and Joe told me I was wrong, thanks again for your comment and also for following our blog.

  4. Nancy,
    The Wookie planet and all the people were destroyed by the “Federation”. The only survivor was Han Solo’s furry sidekick. (According to my 17 year old son who is an expert on this stuff). 🙂

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