17c this morning in Salinas

It was a little cool this morning with the temperature at 6:30am reading 17c or 62.6f – with the wind coming off the water it felt like 55 degrees. I was suitably dressed in a knit cap and jacket but I really think I needed gloves as my hands were frozen….

Salinas 6;30am August 1, 2011

12 thoughts on “17c this morning in Salinas

  1. Mid 50s to low 60s are perfect for me to walk/run. Right now, it’s 92 here in Tampa Florida but it feels like over 100F. It was muggy and sticky when I walked 8 miles this morning.

    I could not wait for me to come back there in Salinas. The unfinished building on the right side of your picture (after the post) is where I got my condo. It’s called Aquamira and also owned by same owner of Alamar which is the next taller building from the right side of your picture.

    • Hi Rolie – I know the building they are putting it up fast. See message from Chantal under comments in Fishing Fleet Parade — thanks, Nancy

      • Nancy, I replied to Chantal on Fishing Fleet Parade article.

        I envy you. I still have to wait three more years before I could enjoy Salinas again. There are a lot of beautiful beaches here in the Tampa Bay area especially in Clearwater but because of the heat index, it’s difficult to enjoy it. Unlike here, Salinas’ temperature is very consistent because of the Humboldt current that brings a much cooler breeze.

  2. Nancy,
    Is it warming up as the day goes by?
    It is still much better than shoveling snow, isn’t it? :-))

    Chantal in South Carolina
    … formerly from cold Vermont
    … originally from colder Québec

    • Good Morning Chantal- yes it is beautiful now. Not sure of the temp but warmer. I am not complaining I was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania so shoveling snow was a big factor on our moving to South Florida after Joe and I married in the 70’s. I would not change a thing here, the weather in the summer months is moderate not hot, humid or sticky like most places in the summer. And this time of year is just perfect for walking, running in the early morning and sitting on the beach under an umbrella in the afternoon people watching. It’s the best!

  3. Does anyone have any information on new preconstruction condos going up for sale in Salinas area? Aquamira and Ive heard of Spondylus II or even any current condos on the market in your area? 1 or two bedrooms and ocean view is all we are looking for with balcony/terrace. We are trying to get some info before we come down to visit in December/January to check out. Please let us know. ecuadorpawpost@gmail.com is our email.

    • If you want a beach front condo with lots of privacy, Spondylus 11 is the place for you. You can contact Gerardo or Amy Pinoargote at gpinoargote@yahoo.com. The condo is near the mall El Paseo…however, the road going to the place is not paved yet. They have shown the place to us and Gerard drove us to the wet market where you can buy fresh tuna at only $3/lb. If you come back in the afternoon (which I did), it will sell for only $2 per lb.

      If you want the tourist area, Aquamira is the place. However, if you want a two bedroom with balcony, your view would be the other side (south side) but you can still see the ocean. That would be about 95Sq M or 1000plus sq ft (dept E). The price is in the low 80sK depending on what floor you want. Dept D is bigger at 102sq M and also at the back at high 80s depending on the floor. The higher you go, the higher the price. I got mine with a front view at 185 sq m or 1,991 sq ft.
      If you are a beach person who wants to mingle with the locals, Salinas is the place for you. You can eat ice cream at the Pinguinos and watch some fishermen haul their catch of the day or simply watch people swimming or just relaxing at the beach.

  4. Nan, it has been 104-108 here in Texas. I usually don’t complain about the heart since I loathe the cold but this is a bit much 🙂 My husbands relatives have been complaining of the cold in Nicaragua too. Is it usually this temp this time of year for you?

    • Brenda – This is considered our winter so the temperature will be lower. I don’t consider it cold but it is cool enough for long pants and a light jacket. We lived in South Florida for years and then lived in Panama for 3 1/2 years before moving here. I will tell you that the weather in this part of Ecuador is excellent, low humidity, sun part of the year, low sun for the balance with cooler temperatures during this time of year. Over the year we have been here we have only used our A/C in the bedroom around three nights and that was more to cover the noise from the street in front of our building than really needing A/C. We do run a stand fan most nights just to circulate the air.

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