Ecuador Independence Day – celebrating on August 12th

August 10 is the official date of the Declaration of Independence of Quito which is a national holiday here in Ecuador. It will be celebrated on August 12th this year. This is a mandatory holiday both public and private.

Independence Plaza Quito

Ecuador became an independent territory after it ceased to be a part of Greater Colombia in 1830. Independence Day in Ecuador is celebrated on 10th August.

The Spanish settled in the region in 1532 and their kingdom flourished. The people of Ecuador revolted against the Spanish rule for the first time in 1809. A decade later in 1819 Ecuador along with Panama and Colombia became a part of the confederation of Greater Colombia.

Ecuador gained its independence in 1830 after the collapse of Greater Colombia. It was now known as the Republic of Ecuador. Since then 10th August has been celebrated as Independence Day in Ecuador. Numerous programs are organized to observe this day in different parts of the country, especially in the capital city of Quito. It also marks the anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha that was fought in Quito. It turned the tables for the invading Spanish army as the local armies succeeded in defeat them. This begun the era of political autonomy in Ecuador.

Independence celebrations in Ecuador includes special events organized throughout the day to celebrate the occasion. The extravaganza includes cultural exhibitions, parades by military forces and cannon fire. In Quito the events are mostly organized in Plaza de la Independencia and the Palacio de Gobierno.

Ecuador Independence Day is also celebrated by the people of the country residing in United States of America. Various events are organized by the immigrant community to celebrate this event with music, sports and cultural shows.

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4 thoughts on “Ecuador Independence Day – celebrating on August 12th

  1. Thanks again for sharing, Nancy.
    Do you plan on going outdoors and be part of the celebrations, or stay comfy and watch from your balcony? Or a bit of both?
    I am curious, because I suspect that the extravaganza may get to be a bit overwhelming, no?

    • Hi Chantal
      I am not sure Salinas will have any parades – Joe and I don’t seem to remember anything happening last year but we will keep you posted on the 10th.

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