What is this?

Today we noticed this huge boat and watched as it left heading West – what is it? We have seen many styles of tankers in our year here but this was just so huge it caught out attention, especially when this afternoon while it was leaving the sun shown on it making it glow.

I also took a video take a look below:

11 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. I am only guessing but I think it may be a automobile carrier. When I used to live in Long Beach, CA. near the port ships like that would come in and dock. Then lower multiple ramps and they would drive the cars out onto huge lots. I remember seeing miles of BMW’s and Japanese cars stored on lots until trucks would come and deliver them to dealers.

    • Hey Bob – your guess is as good as mine at this point, we have never seen anything that big here before. And they were waiting in line for oil so maybe it is part car carrier and part oil tanker..

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    • Sharon – I have not seen a Walmart in 3 years now. Can’t say that I really miss them…well sometimes when I can’t find things in my size I start reminiscing then I think of my pocketbook and remember how much I would spent there each week. Thanks for your comment – Nancy

    • Greg – I am sure it is a car carrier – but we have never seen one before and how odd to be in the oil line unless they needed a fill-up just to get home, ja ja

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