Fishing from the shore

I have so many folks ask me about fishing from the shore that I knew when I saw this yesterday afternoon that it would be a hit.

Now all you folks that are into fishing can see they must be catching something in this net. So you will probably have a great chance yourself with a rod and reel.

5 thoughts on “Fishing from the shore

  1. Nancy, Good morning I am looking a your pictures of the people pulling a net on the beach and I was wondering if they got any fish? Thanks

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your comment. Yes, they do get fish and they sell it to those folks standing around in the second picture. I guess you could say it was ‘real fresh’. I have never bought any mostly because I have my dinner already planned before they bring the catch in and I’m never sure when they will be out again. They do not fish here everyday. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Nancy,I was fishing from shore this past Feb. in front of our condo in Salinas.By rod and reel I caught 4 small fish.Can’t wait to get back this Oct. to try again.
    P.S. Thanks for the blog,I check it every day.

    • Hi Ken and Colleen- Glad that you had luck when you were here in February. I have heard of many folks using the rod and reel and doing quite well. Thanks for your comment.

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