7 thoughts on “The Sky above Salinas

    • Hi Joe and Leslie – thanks for your comment. Joe and I lived in Legacy Park, Kennesaw for 12 years before moving to Panama. I know how you are suffering, I just hated to be stuck in A/C all day and all night. We would get that one week of spring and one week of autumn and then it was either too hot or too cold to have the windows open. Joe reminded me that in the winter, on a sunny day I would put on a fur coat, hat, gloves and boots and go sit out on our patio because I loved to be out of doors so much. Now we have our balcony set up with the computer, good work table and chairs and we spend much of our day outside. My sister Janice and Brother-in-law Peter still live in the Marietta area and have been telling me about your problems with no rain or too much rain and the heat. I am thinking cool thoughts for you today!

    • Hey Deb How it going now that your back home? It may be the rainy season but with very little rain. We could use a good soaking. Thanks for reading, I am laughing my backside off at your blog, I wish I could write like you.. Have a great day.

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