Cuba Libre anyone?

Up until about a month ago Joe and I only bought Abuelo Rum but we have seen this San Miguel Rum both the silver and the gold all over. So we decided to give it a try. Well our first test is Joe drinking it warm straight – if his stomach can handle that we are good to go.  This is our second bottle and it has been a very pleasing experience. It tastes darn good, smooth with no bite – and the price is out of sight at a little under $5 a bottle.

8 thoughts on “Cuba Libre anyone?

  1. I’m a wine drinker but a good bottle of wine is very expensive here. I like Cuba Libres as well so thanks for the tip!!

    • Hey Vickie – I had a bit too much of the Vino Tinto last night and my head feels a bit fuzzy this morning. But when you are with friends and talking and eating and enjoying yourself I forget just how many glasses I had….Ohhh my head!!! ja ja ja I just got back from the mercado where I purchased my first chivo — now I need to know how to cook it. Do you have any idea??? Joe just loves the Seco de Chivo that he had in Quito — if you can help please email me at thanks, Nancy

  2. Rum and coke, my favorite also. What’s going on with your coke bottle though? Is that the “diet” coke version? Looks like it slimmed down on the sides : )

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    • Karen & Randy – How are you both doing? I am glad that Joe found this rum it is very nice. I did not know the factory was up by you, that must have been a fun visit!

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