Salinas and the towns around us are what I would call arid – I know how can it be – arid on the coast? Well we are so far down the coast and so close to Peru that it is actually dry here. Annual rainfall is under 5 inches, less than Las Vegas.   Most yards are not grass but concrete with small concrete planter boxes around the inside walls as well as the outside walls.  As we walk around we see some beautiful flowering plants and trees.  Below are some of the pictures I have gotten over the past several months. Hope you enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Nancy,
    You are a wealth of useful information!
    I have been suffering from allergies since we moved to South Carolina, because it is so humid here, and this humidity triggers allergy symptoms. It was not so bad the first 2 years, but it is increasing as time goes.
    It is becoming very difficult for me to enjoy outdoors life, and I miss being outdoors a lot. You have given me hope.
    I will certainly research this further.
    Have a great day.

    • Chantal – Hope the dry climate works for you. I do seem to have dryer skin, especially my heels and need to use more lotion than in other places. Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Love the pictures! If you go to the Chippipe beach, you’ll see some buildings there with beautiful blooming flowers especially the Bougainvilleas.

    Marine air along the coastal areas is cooled by the Humboldt current which makes it not conducive to generating precipitation/rain although clouds and fogs are produced…that’s the reason why it’s arid in these areas.

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  4. Regarding allergies, my allergist says that mine could dramatically improve with a move to Ecuador. According to him, most of the trees here (TN) require the wind to pollinate. He says that the flora in SA is much different and depends more on bees and animals for pollen and seed movement. In the Southern US, about 35% of the population has allergies with only about 2% in SA.

    I am sure hoping this will be the case. Maybe the lack of allergies will offset the thinner air on our trip to the highlands (Quito & Cuenca) in October.

    • Hi Mary, where we are here on the malecon in Salinas there are very few trees, even fewer flowers so you should feel fantastic on the coast, now inland you will find it green and flourishing. Neither Joe or I have allergies our only issues seem to be the change of weather and the barometric pressure change associated with that. A few Tylenol or ibuprofen seem to do the trick for us. Be well!

  5. I am seeing an allergist Thursday, and hopefully I will get some relief. It is getting so bad that I could not even go out for a walk in the last month, without breaking hives.
    We chose South Carolina because of the warm weather and the beautiful flowers that blossom almost all year round, but it is not getting to be too much for my systems, it seems.
    I am also hoping that Ecuador may be the answer.
    Wish me luck!!!

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