Juggling School, yeah right

We do see some odd things going on at times on the beach or malecon. On this afternoon Joe saw these tents set up near the yacht club side of the beach. Low and behold each of these guys standing in front of a tent started to juggle. Two are juggling pins while the one is juggling balls.

Animation of 3 ball cascade , also known as a ...

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On my trips around town or to Libertad I have seen several jugglers who will walk out in front of stopped traffic at a light. They will juggle for a minute and then walk from car to car looking for tips. I guess it is better than trying to wash your windshield with a dirty rag.

9 thoughts on “Juggling School, yeah right

  1. We saw a guy in Guayaquil on a 4 or 5 foot high unicycle juggling at a light on our way back to the airport. It certainly was a creative way to ask for money!

    • Hey Ken, How are things back in the states, say Hi to Cindi and Jeff for me as well. I don’t know how you can juggle let alone ride on a unicycle and juggle and be in traffic in Guayaquil!!! Seems way to dangerous for a tip.

      • Things here are going well. We are just back to work and trying to deal with the Atlanta heat. My Dad has gone back to Florida and is keeping an eye on the hurricane. It looks like Florida will be spared this time.

        Keep up the great posts!

        • Hey Ken – thanks for your comment. I hope the entire eastern coast is spared – when we lived in Florida we had to deal with the hurricane threats many times.

    • Deb – the dirty rag thing really gets me, but at least they are not putting a knife on you for your money so you give a small tip and move on.. okay with me.

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