A rainy morning in Salinas

We woke up this morning to the sounds of splashing as cars drove past our apartment. There is not a drop of water on the front balcony, no signs on the back windows, but the back balcony is very wet. The roads are slick and not just a mist but a nice coating of rain.  Yeah!!!! We need a good soaking, not just a light mist once in a while to just clean the sidewalks, streets and dare I say the smell off the beach…there I said it.  Someone asked me several months ago if there was one thing I could change about Salinas what would that be. Without hesitation I said “Bathrooms” . To elaborate on that just a bit, I guess I would have to say changing rooms and bathrooms. It is so heartbreaking to see young boys to full-grown adult men sidle up to the walls around the malecon and whip their penises out and pee… It is a bit off-putting to those of us who like to stop, sit and try to enjoy the water or people watch having to see this as well as smell it afterword  and second this is a resort town and it is sad to think what folks think about us when they walk the malecon and smell the scent of urine.  Sorry off my soap box and back on track.

The rain must have started before dawn and it was so misty that you could not see the tankers waiting in line out to sea.

It stayed that way until well past 10am but now the mist is gone, the vendors are set up on the sand and the weekend has begun.  I heard that school starts in the highlands next week, that should mean that Joe and I will have the beach to ourselves.

14 thoughts on “A rainy morning in Salinas

  1. Hi Nancy,
    What was the temperature this morning,with the rain?Thanks for the goat recipe a couple days ago. Ken

    • Good Morning Ken and Colleen – I would guess it was probably in the mid 60’s when I got up at around 6:30am yesterday morning – it has not gotten cold here in the year plus since we have lived here. It was nice to see a bit of rain. Today it is dry with the standard cloud cover that is always seen this time of year. Have a very nice weekend. Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    Once again, I enjoyed your post, along with the nice pictures.
    However, I must say that reading about the urine smell at the beach is rather disconcerting. So sad that the authorities don’t do anything about this.

    • Thanks Chantal, Moving anywhere is a challenge. Salinas has some very good attributes that attract folks and then there are the items that some would consider deal breakers – It is totally dependent on the individual. We look past many annoying items because we have a better life here than where we lived in the states. What is the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I see so much beauty and good here that it is hard to concentrate on the holes in the sidewalks and streets, the dust that is left on my balcony every morning or urine on the beach. Have a great day, Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Can you get a petition started to the mayor about this problem of people and animals peeing all over the place in Salinas? I wrote to him several times but no response. I agree that constructing some bathrooms along the malecon is a good idea. There are a few other items on my list, but if we take it one at a time, maybe they will be inclined to do something. Thanks.

    • Hi Leon, Thanks for your comment. If you read the other forums there are a group of Expats that are working with the city on plans. I do not get involved in it and do not know what the progress is. I’m not sure where the money will come from, I do not think Salinas has much in the way of funds for this type of progress but again I do not have first hand knowledge. Hope your day is perfect, Nancy

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  5. This gave me food for thought.

    I have a very strong and accurate sense of smell, which is a blessing
    when comes time to detect food gone bad, but also a curse at time,
    because it isalso linked with a gag reflex that willsometimes make me trow up.
    No kidding. That strong !

    For instance, when our cat just used the litter, I cannot go close to litter.
    If I try, I just ruined my day.I wish you could encapsulate what you smell when relaxing on the Malecon and send it to me in a bottle for testing.

    Have a good day, Nancy.

    • Chantal – it is not all that bad. There are some areas at the beginning of the malecon that the waves take care of any smell. It is mostly down before the Los Palmaras section of the beach. And it is not obvious every day or all the time. I guess you will need to come visit and see for yourself if you can tolerate it. I will tell you that when your rent some chairs and an umbrella and are sitting near the waters edge looking out over the boats and water there is no smell and life is very darn good. Hope your day is going well.

  6. Nancy,
    My wife Karen and I have seen a lot of peeing in Cuenca. The lot next to our apartment seems to be a favorite spot. Also, the park across the street gets some ‘action’ as well. It is not limited to the men, though. We have often seen the ladies just squat along the road. Like you said: it is a bit ‘off putting’.

    • Hi David & Karen, Yesterday while sitting on the beach four ultralights and a small piper cub landed on the beach only a few meters from where we were lounging in the surf. One young man popped out and ran over to the rocks not far from us and did his business. It is so common place here that you barely notice it, well I guess if you are an Ecuadorian you don’t notice, I still do!! ha ha We would see Moms in Salinas take their little girls between two parked cars to go. I guess one day we will not think twice when it happens for right now I still notice but am not as appalled as when I saw it for the first time years back…Have a great Sunday! N

  7. I love your blog Nancy, keep up the interesting writing. From fly zappers (which are brilliant by the way) to purple sweet potato. The gold of the Andes is the amazing variety of potatoes. Look out for the tiny purple ones they are even more delicious than purple camote (a.k.a. sweet potato or yam).

    Anyway I digress. About the temperatures in Salinas and Santa Elena in general. They seems to fluctuate a lot, according to the wind conditions and time of year. When I first came here I laughed when people told me it was cold and I saw them wearing sweaters! But not that I’ve been here a while, and adjusted to the weather myself…I’m doing the same. For anyone interested in Salinas I’d like to share this link to a live webcam which shows the beach and part of the yacht club. http://ecuadorbeaches.org/view-salinas-webcam

    • Hi Mark, we found the same in Salinas, I do feel that the Humboldt Current makes a big difference in the water temperature around that part of Ecuador and that in turn changes the temperature of the air…we found the water in both Salinas and Playas pretty cool most of the year. Thanks for the link to the webcam, Joe and just sat watching remembering how beautiful that coast is. We just loved our 10th floor apartment over looking the yacht club…it has not changed as much as I thought it would, last we knew they were talking about putting in a pier, I am kind of happy that it did not happen. thanks again, Nancy

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