Ecuadorian Sweet Potatoes – Camote

I have learned to love these sweet morsels. I know the color is odd, I know that the shapes are a bit strange but..if you bake these beauties until the outside skin is crispy, break them open, add a good dollop of sweet butter and a bit of cinnamon, you will be in heaven. I love eating the crispy outside almost as much as the silky sweet inside.

They really don’t look to pretty when you make them in a casserole, I have tried it several times and it turns a very strange almost dark purple color. Not very eye appealing so I am now just baking them and enjoying them that way.  The locals call them camote, I call them fabulous!

The above photo is a camote plant that I have planted on my balcony. Yes, you guessed it.  I allowed my sweet potato to sprout and because it was such a beautiful green/purple plant I could not just throw it out so I found a spot in one of my pots and planted it. It is a beautiful flowing vine and loves being on our balcony.  Next I will need to see if any sweet potatoes are actually forming…and then you can call me Farmer Nancy.

21 thoughts on “Ecuadorian Sweet Potatoes – Camote

  1. Farmer Nancy, I was just looking up a recipe for sweet potato pie. A friend of ours smuggled a sweet potato in her luggage for us. We planted them several months ago and Ron just harvested about a 5 lb. bucket of sweet potatoes. They really grow well here and no one has seen anything like them. I’ve never seen the Ecuadorian sweet potatoes. They are beautiful. What color are they inside?

    • Deb they are almost purple – it is the strangest thing. I am envious of your orange sweet potatoes, we can get those once in a while here but it seems these Comote type are more common. Like I said to make a sweet potato casserole it turns out a really ugly color not very appealing.

  2. Maybe you just need to reframe your thinking and think of the purple camote casserole as a blueberry casserole LOL. I really enjoy reading your and many other Ecuador blogs…hoping to join your ranks in a couple of years but right now hubby’s not buying into it! I think a trip down would probably cure him 🙂

    • Sharon, thanks for your comment. Not to sure about a blueberry casserole but I’ll try it the next time. As to hubby — everyone needs the time to get the Expat Mindset some of us (you and me) got it fast some of us (your hubby) may take some coaxing, a trip to visit, some time on the beach, a few good 22 oz Pilsener’s (if he is a drinker that is) and maybe he will see what we see. Best to you and yours. N

  3. Thanjs Nancy- I did microwaved them couple of times but they turned out dry so baking is ideal I suppose- do you wrap them in foil and bake them in regular oven?is it camate or comate?

  4. Camote is low in glycemic index and very rich in vitamins A and C. It has anti-inflammatory and blood sugar regulating nutrients. Instead of the plain potato, which is easily converted into sugar, use this one and you will get a lot of beta carotene, manganese, potassium and other minerals. The leaves of camote is actually edible and very nutritious too.

    • Rolie – thanks for the info – I had no idea it was so good for you, usually when something tastes good it is SOOOO bad for you. How do you eat the leaves, cook them –add them raw to salads??? Let me know if you know and I will try them….N

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  6. I am off to the Coopera to see if they have it, if not I am off to Feria Libre to see what they have there.. We have been looking for a new type of potato to bake.. this will be fun… and I am going to grow one too! That is beautiful!

  7. I’m so glad I found your blog. Recently moved here about two years ago with my fiance and daughter (he is Ecuadorian/American). I miss sweet potatoes so so much! I live in Quito, can you find them in any farmer’s market, or only in certain places in Ecuador? Please let me know, I’m itching to get my hands on them again!

    • Katie, So happy you found our blog also. Where did you meet your Ecuadorian fiance and how old is your daughter? I love Quito a bit high for us but a beautiful city, so much to do, I really miss it. The camote sweet potato is found all over here on the coast, the farmers markets have them, the supermarkets like SuperMaxi as well as the vendors that come by our house. You should be able to find them in the big supermarkets in Quito or maybe that great fruit and veggie place one block off Republica Salvador (Near Parke Carolina). Joe thinks the street it is located on may be Portugal but he is not positive, it was a great fruit and veggie place. It is right next door to a fabulous bakery that had the best breads, rolls, dessert items and even sold great brie cheese…we loved our time in Quito…love it!!! Be well, Nancy

    • Hi Mona, I have baked the sweet potatoes depending upon the size, anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hr 15 minutes. I use a fork to pierce them see if they are tender. I actually think some of these are sweeter than the orange sweet potatoes purchased in the states. Thanks so much for following our little life here in Clemente. Be well, Nancy

  8. Hi Nancy – just found your blog while doing sweet potato search. I am in Cuenca and have a hoard coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow. They all want “American” dishes to try. Do you think these purple beauties would work for candied yams? We love Ecuador and thanks for your blog. Ciao. Sandy

    • Hi Sandra, So sorry I am not posting as much lately so I often forget to look at the comments. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I have a special Sweet Potato Souffle recipe that I started making back in the eighties, I attempted making it with the purple comote potatoes, the taste was good but the color was really off-putting, to say the least, adding eggs, milk, sugar etc make the color almost black…it was very ugly so I now just bake them and serve with butter and a bit of cinnamon…I had a friend bring the orange sweet potatoes back from Peru and I have planted a few trays of them, been watering like crazy and will harvest in a few weeks. Wish me luck, Nancy

  9. Hi Nancy, I moved to Ecuador from the US 3 years ago, and now live in Guayaquil. I’m quite impressed with your blog! Your discussion of camote was “spot on” right now, as I’m preparing (with my Ecuadorian wife) to host a Thanksgiving feast for my in-laws. I’m in the hunt for some nice orange sweet potatoes! Meanwhile, I plan to experiment with the “camote morado”.

    • Hi Marque, hope your experimentation with the purple sweet potatoes went well. I have planted a few of the orange sweet potatoes ends that I could spare and I did see a small shoot today when I was watering. Maybe I will get one more crop. Thanks for your comment and for following the blog. Nancy

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