Yacht Club Pictures

The Salinas Yacht Club had some damage done when we had the high tides associated with the tsunami. I have heard pounding and banging coming from the club for the  past several weeks. Yesterday I watched as new boat slip was dragged into place and attached to the sea wall.







11 thoughts on “Yacht Club Pictures

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  2. Hello Nan & Joe,

    My wife and I have been following your blog for sometime. We lived in Panama City for almost 2/12 yrs. Prior to that, we lived in Costa Rica. I apologize that this is not related to the current topic at hand. I wanted to find out more about life in Salinas. My wife has problems with learning Spanish. We are now going to try the Pimsleur Approach. Do you and Joe speak fluent Spanish?. We have many questions. At the begining of the year, we spent almost two months in Cuenca to try to get a bit of a feel for daily life there. It was too chilly for my wife there. We would love to hear back from you.

    Pura Vida,

    Paul & Bonnie

  3. Nancy,

    Have just moved to Salinas St. Louisand was wondring if you have any information onthe yaght club. Lokking for soemthing to do and love boats.


    Lee Spotswood

    • Hi Lee, The Salinas Yacht Club is a private club. Members are second and third generation families. It is completely closed to outsiders except if you are invited and attend with a member. We had a friend who wanted to moor his yacht in one of their slips but was denied and ended up having to moor his big catamaran outside of the clubs secure area. Joe and I did get to go to dinner with long-time club members and we were told that there are no memberships available even for members adult children wanting membership. This was around three years ago when we heard all of this. You should find someone who is a member and get the latest information or go over to the club yourself and talk to someone personally. I attempted contacting the club by email and never received a response. Good luck, Nancy

      • Thanks Nancy,

        Yes my wife and I went down to the guard shack to check it out and qll they said it was private so we left. We heard it cost 30 grand to join, we above our budget so forget that. Oh well, we have another much more seclusive right next to us on the north end of town, and that one is only 5 K but you can pay 1,000 a yer so if we ever get a boat down here, this sill be the one we join up with.

        Take care


        • Lee, glad you found a place that is more reasonable. When you get your boat you will need to make a trip up the coast and visit us…problem is you would need to anchor off shore and take a skiff in as we have no docks where we are…N

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