Going on Hiatus

I am taking a break. Other things in our lives call to me. Time for me to rethink why I started this blog and its direction.

It’s been a blast and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as I’ve enjoyed, well, blogging!

Thank you all for following our adventure. Be well. Nancy

11 thoughts on “Going on Hiatus

  1. It is so sad to see you go from this nice blog–Yet you are right we all need breaks in our lives- thanks so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures,Stories and recipes- We all wish you the best always–Yusuf

  2. It’s been a great run Nancy. Sorry to see you go but I do understand. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts on Salinas, a place I hope to retire to. I do hope you return some day with a new twist on life in Salinas…

    Take care,


  3. Thanks for your sharing your life in Salinas with us Nancy,i have enjoyed reading them and hope to hear about your adventures in the future

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  5. Thanks for all the great insight on Salinas.Colleen and I will be back first week of Oct.Maybe we could meet.thanks Ken

  6. It is so sad to see you go, but I understand, you need a big break, I always enjoyed your post and comments about Salinas and around Santa Elena,etc. I hope to hear your adventures in the future, bybybybyby

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