Confessions of a Lazy Blogger

Yes, you are all correct, I have turned into a slug…I found that going to the beach, sitting in the park or doing anything else besides updating my blog was necessary for my sanity. I have missed you my little blog buddies, we have spent hours together with pictures and thoughts on our life here in Ecuador…I have been a lazy blogger and promise that I will turn a new leaf and post at least once a week so that I can have a journal of our fun and so you all can see our lifestyle.

Here is one of my pepper plants that has produced very hot peppers like clockwork for the past two months, I was given these as a gift and have three like this and one that is an elongated pepper. Joe loves them sliced and put in vinegar and uses them every chance he gets on anything, or should I say everything, from eggs to steak.

We have found this year to be totally different as to the climate from last year. It started to rain back in January, it would rain from 4 am to 5 am. That lasted for a few weeks, then the rain lasted longer and was much heavier causing our driveway and car park area to look like a small pool. This along with the palms and vegetation around our porch has caused us to reconsider any green whatsoever in the home we hope to buy this year. Mosquitoes and flies were incredible. Just incredible. Did I mention incredible?

I know what you are saying – it looks so nice. But under every leaf there was a hidden creepy thing, if not a mosquito then slugs, if not slugs little frogs, yuck!  Not to mention what shows up in the dead of night to feed on it all…..I now understand totally why most of the yards in Salinas, Chipipe and now in Playas are paved, sand or tiled…We found ourselves not able to use our porch for most of the day with flies and mosquitoes constantly in our faces, flying around our food and the worse was thinking of getting dengue from all the mosquitoes. The local paper says that in the first few months this year there are double the cases of dengue from last year – something like 2000 and climbing.

We found these bug zappers in Super Tia for $3.99 and don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t. As you can see we do have his and hers so as not to cause any friction between us on the bug fighting front. They do not so much zap as pop. Kinda cool!!!

When looking on the internet for fly deterrents we found one site that said to fill a clear plastic bag with water add a penny (to keep flies away in the evening) and hang it around the area you wanted to help become a “fly free zone”. We put up six of these beauties on our porch hanging from the doors, the light fixtures and every possible area we could think of. Seems to work to a certain degree. The good thing is the house itself is pretty secure with screens on all the windows and doors so at night we only have a few mosquitoes to attend to before we retire…Joe is on mosquito patrol and does a great job, I think he just likes to hear the zapper pop those little buggers!

22 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lazy Blogger

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Evidently, you moved…Where are you and why are you staying there with all the issues you write abiut???

    • Hi Tom. We are currently living in Playas. You only get to know about an area when you have lived there for a while. Playas has been an adventure and like all our adventures some great things and some not so great things come during that adventure. We are not sure if Playas will be our long term home, we are currently renting and have been looking for our own little “beach hut” but we seemed to have come here about five years to late to get a nice place for a decent price. What we have seen has been expensive for what you get so we are considering our options. While we are here we are trying to take it all in and make the comparisons needed to select the long term place for our future. Again, we are retired and have the time and inclination to visit other cities. other beach towns to find what will fit with our needs. You can’t come to Ecuador for two weeks and find out all that is necessary to decide if it is the right place for you…we lived in Salinas for almost a year and a half and now in Playas since September and each day we see and find new things, again some very good and some not so good. We are blessed with an open mind about finding just the right place to settle down and pray that God allows us to settle soon as we are both ready for our own little beach paradise.

      • Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you again!

        If you really plan to permanently retire in Ecuador, you need to act now. Minimum wage has just increased and the cost of materials are also increasing due to high demands coupled with the devaluation of the dollar that caused the increase in gas prices here in the US. These creates a perfect formula for price increases in all sectors especially in the housing market. Even if you are buying an old one, I’m sure it will follow the price trend of the new one. I’m glad I got mine last year although I’m still living here in the US.

        • Hi Rollie, thanks for your comment. Well we have been permanently here in Ecuador for two years now we just have not found a house in an area that we are crazy about. You have great advise and we have been looking we just have not found the town, the beach, the house and the price to suit us…say a prayer that we find it fast, as both Joe and I are getting tired of living in a rental. Nancy

  2. Nancy, I am glad you are back with your blog, everyone needs a time off —I have been reading your blog since you moved to Ecuador. I was born in Ecuador of Ecuadorian parents but moved to the United States at a young age. We own an apartment at the Alamar a building just down the Malecon. I have enjoyed reading your post and very happy your are back.

    • Hi Maria, thanks for reading about our little adventure and especially for commenting. We loved our time in Salinas but our budget would not allow us to purchase what we wanted so we moved down to Playas. Like I just told TJ Lee in the comment before yours, we seemed to have come to Ecuador about five years too late to get a nice inexpensive place near the beach, prices have gone crazy for the quality of the house and the property. We are not looking for a palace for pennies, we expect to pay a reasonable price for a small house but the owners here have gotten it in their heads that everything in Playas is worth a great deal more than we are willing to pay. So who knows where we will be looking in the coming months, I guess you and my other readers will find out right along with us, as we will be flying by the seat of our pants, ja ja Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy

  3. Nancy,

    Glad to have you back in the Blogging world. Always enjoy hearing from you and have missed your cheerful “voice”. Surprised to hear you left Salinas. I assume there are fewer critters and bugs in the city itself?


    • Hey Tim, thanks for your comment. Living 10 floors up in Salinas we did have a few of those tiny ants that will drive you crazy but mostly they were just passing through on their way to better pickings. Here when you have ground cover, lots of low growing palms and so much other vegetation it is hard not to have creepy crawly things. We are learning to deal with them like everything else. I still prefer to have a yard so that I can have a garden to keep me busy. Have a great weekend. Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy, So glad you are back. Corkey and I really injoyed your blogs. You really make it feel like we are there. I have had some health problems but hope to be better in June and can still make the trip. Maryanne

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  6. Hi Nancy and Joe,
    Glad you are blogging again. We have missed your adventures. We wish you the best in finding your very special place to buy. If you decide to come to Cuenca for a visit we have a place waiting for you.
    Nancy & Chuck

    • Hi Nancy & Chuck, I have been reading about your adventures in Spain, I am so jealous…We may just take you up on your offer for a Cuenca visit, first we really need to find our little beach hut and settle down. Wish us luck and say a prayer. Kisses, Nancy & Joe PS I hope you are enjoying some of that Spanish wine we have friends from England that spend a great deal of time in Spain this time of year and they told us the wine is wonderful and they take cases back with them because it is so cheap, BTW they travel by RV so they get to pack it with those cases of vino!!!

    • Hi Debbie – I sent you an email. I will be posting some recipes tomorrow if I get working on them right now…Have a great day, Nancy
      PS sorry they are not for mangoes ja ja

  7. Dear Nancy,
    My name is Kathy, my husband Steve and I recently found your blog and enjoy reading it very much. We are especially interested in the method you are using to find your “beach hut”. Travelling until you see a pleasant town and then staying awhile is exactly what we plan to do. If you had found a suitable home in Salinas, would you have stayed?We are interested in Salinas because of the beautiful beaches, proximetry to an airport(for visiting family and friends), etc. We are planning to live out our days in Ecuador but have no intention of purchasing a house. Have you seen Olon and surrounding towns?
    Thank you for your blog, we look forward to reading more of your interesting posts!

    • Hi Kathy & Steve, I have written an email to you. Thanks for your comments and of course for reading our blog. Nancy

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