Anyone For Cricket?

With all the rain, in addition to all the beautiful butterflies, we have gotten invaded with crickets. Yes, big hopping crickets. I have no idea how they have gotten into the house but they crawl up the curtains and hop right at you. This happens mostly in the evening. But this morning while washing up a few dishes I had one crawling up the side of the sink getting ready to spring. Well, he is history and, like many of his brothers and sisters, never to hop again.

In speaking with our friend Roger, he said they attempt climbing into bed with him by crawling up his mosquito netting.  We have not had any in our bed, most have stayed in the salon/kitchen area but they are just as annoying…No I take that back if I found one in bed I am sure folks for miles around would hear my screaming like a banshee!

I guess the bottom line to this blog post is if you do not have a tolerance for bugs, creepy crawly things or the unexpected you may want to reconsider ground level Coastal Ecuador as a retirement spot.

5 thoughts on “Anyone For Cricket?

    • Good Morning Helga,
      I am not normally squeamish but having a bug the size of a small bird jump towards your face puts me over the edge. Today’s post will be much nicer. Have a great day! Nancy & Joe

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  2. This is the reason why I bought a condo. Maybe the crawlies won’t reach me. With all the amenities and the building security, it’s safer and more importantly, no yard to maintain. You can go away for months and nothing to worry about (except the monthly fees of course).

    I always look forward to your blog. This is much better than reading the ExPat forum. It’s all about life in the Sta Elena province.

    • Hey Rolie,
      Your right living on the 10th floor we had a few tiny ants, living on the ground floor you have so much more to deal with…but I really want to have a garden so you take the good with the bad, I guess.

      I don’t like the way some folks make you feel like your questions are not important on the forums. To me anyone thinking about moving out of their country and comfort level should be applauded and helped. Not made to feel that they are asking stupid questions. IMHO if you don’t have the patience to answer the questions maybe keeping quiet would be better than hurting someone feelings. I email several folks still living in the US and hope that in some small way my answers to their questions help…we don’t know everything but we do know what we have experienced both in Salinas and now in Playas. Have a great weekend. N

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