Cafe con Leche Anyone?


Coffee (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

When we were staying in Puerto Lopez our hostel included breakfast with the room rate. Each morning our first thought was that cup of excellent fresh ground coffee from our hosts’ finca. It was dark, rich and downright wonderful! Our friends from Las Tunas, Pat and her son Scott Creasey introduced us to Manabi coffee from Jipijapa which had that same rich flavor. Here in Playas the local Super Tia offers two bins of fresh roasted beans, the Manabi brand and the second is Loja.

My favorite is the Cafe de Manabi. It must be the same coffee that both Itapoa and then the Creasey family served. For under $4 a pound it is a find.

In the old days when I purchased Starbucks for $11 a pound I got the whole bean and ground just enough for that morning’s coffee. Here it works to buy a pound each week ground at the store. Did I say lazy? I am merely conserving energy!

5 thoughts on “Cafe con Leche Anyone?

  1. Nancy, where did you stay, name of hostel pls, and would you recommend it? Ken and I want to check out that area, heading back to EC in a month. Should we make reservations, or like so many other hostels, just show up and get a room. Also, do you mind telling me what your rate was? Thanks! Tami

    • Hi Tami,
      We stayed at the Itapoa – Maria is wonderful please mention us I hope she remembers it was almost two years ago but I think she will. The place is very rustic and is located right on the malecon so the beach is just steps from your room. I would make reservations because the season for whale watching differs from the temporada season we have here in Playas and Salinas. They do get many tourists from Germany, England and not as many from the US. I looked on their website and it shows $7.50 per person that includes breakfast, that is cheaper than Joe and I paid 2 years ago.. What a great deal!

      We also stayed at the Hotel Pacifico a bit more expensive, better quality rooms very very nice folks. I have a contact there as well if you are interested email me and I will get you additional information.

      Enjoy and if you get a chance to eat at Mayflower please try their Pescado Mani — it was out of this world and Joe just loved shrimp and he had it every way they made it including in Spaghetti and a tortilla made with eggs. Also, there is a North Americano couple that run the Whale Cafe where you can get a wonderful Thia Chicken dinner, a steak sandwich that was excellent plus pretty darn good pizza. They had a breakfast menu several days a week plus they have a book exchange. Hope this helps, I just loved Lopez and would be living there if I could have found a place to live. Nancy

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  3. Nancy,

    Thanks for the coffee recommendation. Cindi has been “less than impressed” with the coffee in Ecuador, but I don’t think she has tried this brand yet. We will be sure to purchase some next time we are in town.

    • Hi Ken and Cindi – So Ken how are you doing? I have only found the whole bean coffees in Playas. When I shopped in Libertad I would often stop into the Tia Supermarket but never saw the bins like we have here. I guess if you can’t find this coffee in Salinas you will need to come to Playas for a visit and stock up. Thanks for reading. N

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