Natural Supplement Store

There is a great store in Playas to buy your natural supplements and vitamins.  It is located on Paquisha across from the Chino Ferretería (hardware store).

A lovely family owns this store. I bring my list of items. If it’s in stock I buy it. If not she orders it and within a few days I get a call saying my order is in.

They added a juice and batido bar so while you are looking around for your supplements you can have a papaya juice or maybe even my favorite, avocado. She also sells Avon. What a great little store!

There are several carts around town where street vendors mix up supplement drinks for you to order.  This could be for energy, problems with your kidneys or maybe you just drank to much the night before. The mercado has several push cards with bottles of all different types of elixirs for all your physical problems. There are lines of both men and women waiting to get their specific potion. What a great country!

3 thoughts on “Natural Supplement Store

  1. Nan – It’s so nice to read something about Playas. There’s very little around (Internet) that I’ve found. You talk about the push cart vendors on the street with their ‘elixers’. Is there any problem with the water they use for those not used to it, or is it best for new people to avoid them? I’m hoping to come to Ecuador within the year, looking at retiring there, and Playas is high on my list. I’d love to know more about it – heat, humidity, etc. Your posts have given me so much information already, I wait each day to see if you have something new.

    • Marilee, thanks for your comment. I am sure you will enjoy a trip here one day. I think most of the elixirs that are being put together do not require water added to them. They come in plastic bottles with pictures of a liver or whatever internal organ they are treating on the outside. Nancy

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