Some New Plants for My Patio Garden

Friday of last week while Joe and I were taking a trip by bus up to Guayaquil, Joe spotted a nice garden store we had not found before. Of course we were whizzing by at the speed of light, bus drivers in Ecuador really move, so I was not able to even get a peek before we were well past it. It ate at me all weekend wondering what I was missing. So yesterday morning I dropped by to take a look. It was a very impressive garden store, it has mighty coconut palms outside the gates that Daniel told me went for $100 each. We walked inside to find a very nice selection of flowering shrubs, bushes and many of what I would consider house plants.

I completed the re-potting and watering and here is the end result. I love all the beautiful flowers that are available. Now if anyone wants cuttings just let me know.

One last photo of just the flowers on this one plant, hope it makes your world a bit brighter today – it sure brightened up mine.

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