What a Difference a Day Makes

So yesterday I took the great photos of the bush in bloom next to our porch, this afternoon the gardener came in and cut it down to around three feet…Almost all of the flowers are gone and it looks a bit sad to me.

Well it did need a trim, you need to have a good outlook when you are renting. Yet another reason for us to find our own home soon!

7 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

    • Charles, Well the good thing is he just trimmed it up a bit. If we were still living in Panama the gardener would have taken the machete to it and cut it back to the ground not just trimmed it up. ha ha It is much brighter on our porch now and maybe some of my potted plants will do better because of that so in the end it has worked out just fine. Have a great day, Nancy

    • Hi Anna, It is just how things are done here. Plants, bushes and trees grow like we live in a jungle, well with all the rain here things have gone wild this year. Trimming back just a little bit does not make much sense because next week he will be back having to do it all over again, this way if you trim back this much he will not need to do it again for a few months. Also, I do feel that some plants need a good cut back to be able to fill out or stop spreading, this bush was falling over the roof and rubbing against the posts of the porch so it really needed a trim. This brings to mind those darn Bradford Pear trees in my front yard in Kennesaw, they were so weak looking and if the wind blew just ever so hard the branches would snap. I was told that it needed to be trimmed, well the science to trimming a Bradford Pear is similar to a rose bush and it one heck of a job, this is Walter Reeves blog and his advise on pruning them cause I know you have a few in your yard currently. http://www.walterreeves.com/landscaping/bradford-pear-pruning/ or you could just move to Ecuador and a nice gardener would do the work for you, ha ha Kisses to you, Chris and the boys!!! PS How did Erik do with school?

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  2. Nancy, I love your blog! I enjoy reading all your posts and seeing your photos. I live in Texas and it will be a few more years before I can explore living elsewhere. Salinas is definitely on my wish list. Reading your blog gives me something to look forward to and dream about. So please keep posting!

    • Hi Vicki, Thanks for your sweet comments. I hope your dream can become a reality and that Ecuador ends up being your second home. Joe and I are making a trip up the coast next week to take a look at several areas we have not visited before. I will post photos and our observations of those areas. I know that we would have killed to have blogs filled with photos and people perceptions of areas before we left the states. August 26 we will celebrate our 6th Anniversary outside of the US, I can’t believe it has been that long. New adventures, learning new things everyday and meeting new people has made it very special being here. Blessing, Nancy & Joe

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