Sunset in San Clemente

I have not felt like going through my pictures and videos from our trip up the coast until today so for the next week I will try to post everything I have on our trip.

One day Joe and I took our 22 oz bottle of Pilsener, two glasses and our camera and walked down to the beach in front of the hotel we were staying at in Clemente. There is a ranchero or patio of sorts with a sand floor, no walls but a great roof of palm fronds that is set up with several long benches and a few tables and chairs. We sat, poured our beer and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

And here is the sunset I promised.

9 thoughts on “Sunset in San Clemente

    • Hi Rolie, thanks for your comment, we are trying to make the balance of our lives peaceful and less stressed.

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  2. Yep tired when you are ill forget the mind over matter, pilsner helps. But in all do respect, smiles will take you through, sometimes tears through the smiles, you know you are there!

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