Banking in Playas

There are two banks and one cooperative located in Playas: Banco de Pichincha, Banco de Guayaquil and one cooperative plus an ATM machine for Banco Bolivariano. We have accounts with Banco de Guayaquil and for the past several weeks I have had some real issues with our on-line banking services. Because of this I have spent a great deal of time sitting with one of the Customer Service representatives at the Playas branch.  Maria Teresa has been so patient with me and my issues and is one of a very few staff members that speaks English. Between my basic Spanish and Maria Teresa’s English we have found a way to communicate effectively. She is now working with the technical department in Guayaquil to try to get my problems solved. Seems that it is not just my problem but a system issue so we wait to see how the technical department will solve this problem.

This is the smiling face I get to see each time I walk into the bank, it is genuine and sincere. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to work with folks that have such a good attitude towards their jobs and how they treat their customers. Maria Teresa is a very special young woman, she truly cares about how she presents herself, how she represents Banco de Guayaquil and handles herself in every situation, in a very competent manner. Kudos to her on her professionalism!

I just walked back in from my latest visit to the bank, today all the issues I had the past few weeks have been resolved. Thanks to the Technical Department in Guayaquil for their hard work and again to Maria Teresa for her wonderful customer service.

5 thoughts on “Banking in Playas

    • Hi Lisa – thanks so much for the honor of Beautiful Blogger Award, I will need to do a special post just for this with my award winners. Yes, I did see Mary and John in your post. So happy they came to visit you. Should be back in Manabi before month end! Have a wonderful Monday. Nancy

      • Great! I have rented a little casita behind Hostal Cruzita, where I am working on my art before the next show opens July 5th in Portoviejo. After Portoviejo, it moves to Bahia.
        For sure I’ll see you and Joe later this month!


        • Lisa, you are very busy with your art. I love that you can do what makes you happy and make a living at it as well. See you soon, Nancy

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