A bit of Beach Time

Late yesterday afternoon Joe and I walked to the little tienda at the end of our street, bought two bottles of Pilsener Grande and walked to the beach. It was breezy and beautiful.

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11 thoughts on “A bit of Beach Time

    • Hey Patricia, it is actually warmer here than when we left Playas. But in the early evening when the sun is setting there is a beautiful cool breeze off the water. We plan on working the first part of the day and playing in the afternoon…Nancy

  1. I am so envious. Every blog of yours I read,I want to be there. Maybe soon. I am doing PT and hope to be moving around before long. Maryanne

  2. I enjoy reading about your great adventure [which is how I see what you are doing!]. Looked on a map for San Clemente, Manabi, Ecuador and see that you are definitely out of the way on the coast. Wondering about two things that maybe you’ll address. Are the barred windows necessary or more of Ecuadoran tradition, and, did you consider tsunamis when choosing the location of your ‘hut’? Looking forward to future posts. Thank you. Happy 4th! [Don’t remember if you are American…jaja!]

    • Hi William, Yes we are US citizens but will not be celebrating the 4th here, we celebrate the local holidays instead. The barred windows are for your protection, it took us a very short while to learn just how important they can be when we were robbed of our laptop after only being in Panama for a few months. We learned that if you are stupid enough to leave something out in full view, than you were willing to have it taken from you. I feel secure here in Clemente but things happen, times are tough and people can become desperate and do things that they normally wouldn’t so having our home secure is most important.

      The concept of personal responsibility is important here, in the old country it was more let things happen and call the police, sue somebody, I have insurance etc…here if you are walking down the street and fall in an open man hole because the cover was missing that was your fault for not paying more attention to things. If you leave your bike on your porch you are tempting someone to steal it – that is the meaning of personal responsibility here, I will make a post on it in the near future.

      We did not consider tsunamis when we moved here and actually when the big earthquake hit in Japan the coast of Ecuador was required to evacuate we went to Guayaquil to the Sheraton for several days. And there was damage to the yacht club and many fishing boats were lost…not sure if anything happened here but now that you brought it up I will check with folks that have been here awhile, not sure what can be done except to evacuate so that is what we will do if it happens again, Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy,
    My wife Becky and I took a leap of faith and moved to Ecuador. Our first choice was Boca Del Toro, Panama for a long time. Becky’s health needs led to Ecuador first. why did you and Joe leave Panama for Ecuador ? Becky needed 2 very rare nerve operations on a foot and ankle. No U.S. company would give either of us health insurance. We sold everything we owned in florida and I flew to Guayaquil by myself to find the best orthopedic surgeon. I got very lucky and found the top orthopedic surgeon in Ecuador who happens to specialize in feet and operated on the mysterious first lady of Ecuador last month. Becky had both operations done by him and they went perfect. Total expenses were 5 time less than the U.S. wanted. We have 6 month visas and plan to start in Salinas and head north to find our ocean front dream. I also am seeking to buy a producing farm near the coast. With the coast so dry, are there any sections where farms are possible within 3o miles of the ocean ? We also love the mercados here. I recently bought fresh albacore tuna for $2.75 per lb. . It was delicious. I grew cherimoyas, starfruit, bananas, dragon fruit, and many exotics in florida so, farming here really interests me.
    Best, Keith and Becky

    • Hi Keith & Becky, We wanted to be near a beach, not necessarily living on a beach but we could not find a beach town…besides Bocas del Toro and we really did not want to be that isolated…things were starting to get bad in Chiriqui because we were very close to the Costa Rican border and bad folks were coming into our area to cause a great deal of trouble…

      I am so happy that Becky had her operations and that they were successful.

      The area down by Salinas and Playas is very dry, not sure you would do well with farming there but the further up the coast you go it would probably be good farming. There are folks on the Facebook group called Ecuador Expat Gardening that could probably be much more help than I could. If you do not do Facebook start it up and join the group.. Thanks for your comments, Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy: Love the pics. Enjoy your time. I am assuming Yacht club in Salinas was damaged! Waiting to read more about the renovations. Sue

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. The yacht club in Salinas had slip damage only, the buildings were not harmed but most of the slips were ripped up and were not fixed by the time we left Salinas back in September of last year. I will have more pictures in the next day or so. Just getting lazy finding other things to do in town and in San Jacinto instead of spending too much time on the internet..and that is good! Nancy

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