Sunlight and Surf

These pictures were almost surreal Joe walking into the surf while the sun was shimmering on the water. I could not resist and put it in a slide show in the order they were taken…sweet!

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7 thoughts on “Sunlight and Surf

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    • Hey Ana, Don’t you just love those pictures? Thanks for the suggestion for the bath, they just delivered the glass block it has a very sweet coral design in it and Freddy will step it down instead of making a solid wall of block…It looks pretty nice..and makes the bath look bigger…Nancy

        • Ana, I owe you big time for that suggestion for the glass block, it really looks wonderful. I will post pictures later this afternoon with the week 5 update. The guys are working today a half day and maybe Freddy, who is arriving now has the last three blocks for the shower with him. N

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