Dinner at Hotel Palmazul

It was a perfect evening one Friday to try out the restaurant at the Hotel Palmazul a few blocks from our house. Joe and I were given a bit of a tour while we were visiting a few months back but did not have the time to try out their restaurant.

You can eat on their pool deck or in the 2nd floor restaurant that overlooks the pool and ocean.

We started out on the pool deck with a cocktail of Club beer but, as soon as the sun set, the wind off the water was a bit too much for us.

Next time I would take a sweater or light jacket because it was a beautiful spot and would have been perfect for a wonderful evening out. We moved upstairs to a table right off the patio area allowing us to view the water from behind huge glass sliding panels.

After a second cocktail, I ordered the three pepper steak described as lomo on the menu which is written both in Spanish and English. It was three thin slices of beef cooked medium with a pepper sauce. Served with what looked to be mashed squash but had a bland flavor.

The dish was served with the long beans popular here. The steak was difficult to cut and even more difficult to chew. If it was lomo it was not very good lomo. I would not order this dish again and was very disappointed because I think this was over $14 which is a huge price for a meal in San Clemente. Joe had ordered a cheeseburger served with a mound of french fries and he loved it and would order this again. His only negative comment was that the roll was kind of chewy around the edges. We ordered coffee and one dessert to share. The coffee was fresh, strong and good. The dessert was not a traditional tiramasu recipe –  it was more just whipped cream in a martini glass, nothing exceptional.

Total bill was $37.21 which included the 12% IVA as well as a 10% service fee. I was disappointed in the food, but the service was excellent and the atmosphere was most enjoyable. We will try it again but probably order a fish dish to see how the chef handles a local item. And, anyplace where you can have a drink and watch a blood red sun dip into the blue Pacific through swaying coconut palms is fine by us.

14 thoughts on “Dinner at Hotel Palmazul

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I just found your blog yesterday. It’s very nice and offers me a look at life in coastal Ecuador.
    I’m quite surprised by the price of the dinner you described. It sounds high to me because I spent a fair amount of time in Panama City and never spent so much on top notch dinners there. Granted I haven’t been back there in a few years so prices might have gone up significantly. I guess the cost of everything has gone up in most places in Latin America.
    I have a question for you. I saw something about a hotel on the coast of Ecuador somewhere. I don’t remember where I saw it or where the hotel is, but it’s on the coast on a cliff overhanging the sea. It looks like some of the houses in Malibu, CA. It looked gorgeous and I’d love to go there someday (soon.) Do you know the name of it and where it is?

    • Hi Ellen
      I know exactly what you mean, eating at the hotel was very expensive for us. To eat a Vivianna, which will be one of my next posts, was around $15 for a great seabass dinner for me and shrimp for Joe along with one fancy Coco Loco for me and two large Pilsenar’s for Joe….The cost at the hotel for small Club beers and not so great dinners would not be first choice for us again…As to the hotel on the cliff, we stayed in Ballenita, Ecuador at the Farallon Dillon Hotel it is located near Salinas in Santa Elena Provincia. Search my blog and you will see several write ups on it including some pictures from the beach of the hotel, it may be the one you are talking about. We loved that place we stayed there during carnival two years ago. Hope that helps, thanks for your comment. N

  2. Hi Joe and Nancy: Thanks for your honest and fair review of the restaurant. It seems beef is not always good here, but fish always seems to be. So glad you are enjoying your new home and life there.

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for your comments. We are just waiting to move into the house as soon as they are finished. It is looking pretty good right now but still have a few things to finish up. Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy…I just found your blog yesterday as well. My husband and I travel often to Ecuador and plan to retire there as well. Love your candidness about consideration to be made when living outside of the US.

    We have property in Playa and boy could I relate to getting something recorded or notarized. It took almost a month with all the revisits. Will say, because it is so far out from the next major city of Guayaquil, don’t know if we will end of staying in that area. Have seen developments recently in area but still have doubts.

    We visit several times a year now and I am personally trying to prepare myself for the move.

    • mkwowbuzz, thanks for your comments. I have several friends back in Playas and miss them much but really like our new town. But that may be because we have our little beach hut just for us. Making several visits will give you a better idea if Playas is right for your long term. Be well, Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy!

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and just wanted to let you know how much I’ve
    enjoyed reading it. My husband and I are coming the first of Sept to spend a couple of weeks – mainly checking out the coastal area. You’ve given great insight to the pros and cons of coastal living. I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Texas so I’m familiar with the heat & humidity..not so much the bugs & bats!

    Would be great to meet up with you and your husband while we’re there!


    • Hey Liz, thanks for your comments. Let us know when you will be on the Northern Coast and we will try to be available for a visit. Have a great weekend, Nancy

  5. Dear Nancy & Joe–I am following up your progress in San clemente- wishing you the best of luck on your move and I may visit you next time I come to Manta–Adios–Yusuf

    • Yusuf, It is getting close on having the house finished and ready for us to move in. Let me know when you are in Manta next and let’s try to get together, N

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    • Chuck, Joe and I felt the same way when Joe looked up their room prices, very expensive for San Clemente. We could not stay here either. We loved our week at Farallon Dillon and would go back in a heartbeat, nice folks, good accommodation and great food make a special place for sure. How are you and Nancy doing? N

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