Another Neighbor Bearing Gifts, This Time From The Sea

On Sunday morning last week around 11am another of the neighbors who lives up the street knocked on our door. This young woman delivered a dozen large shrimp. Not having the refrigerator operational yet, I decided it was best to steam them up immediately. Joe looked at me like I was giving him the grand prize when I handed him a steaming bowl of shrimp smothered in olive oil, margarine and hot pepper flakes.

Yummy! Love this place!

This morning when I saw a moto-truck (small cargo bed with a motorcycle) delivering seafood to the neighbor’s door I investigated to find the delivery of these beauties. I bought a pound of huge jumbo shrimp 7 to a pound huge for $6 and turned around to find the same neighbor’s husband delivering about 10 large shrimp as yet another gift. I steamed them, made a sauce of chopped red pepper, red onion, garlic, red pepper flakes. one squeezed limon, salt, pepper, ketchup and mayo. I had bought earlier this morning some fresh rolls, we invited Patricia to join us and we all ate shrimp sandwiches at 9:30 am. It was wonderful and we may eat shrimp more often for breakfast.

Tomorrow we talk “Lobster in Paradise” !!!!

7 thoughts on “Another Neighbor Bearing Gifts, This Time From The Sea

  1. I thoroughly and totally–is that enough?–enjoy your comments. ¡Muchas grácias! ¿Y más, qué tal su español?

    • Hola William, thanks so much for your comment. Our Spanish is good enough to get by on a very rudimentary level, can’t handle big issues lets say with the phone company but handling simple banking, food ordering and speaking kind words to our neighbors we do great. Are you living in Ecuador currently? Nancy

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    • Hi Tim, it is amazing how lovely they people are, I am trying very hard to be a good neighbor and hope to be accepted. I am not looking for coffee clutches or folks visiting all the time, we like our privacy but it is nice when I bake cookies or have extra fruit on our trees to share it with our neighbors. Our neighbor directly behind our house has a almond tree in her yard, many branches needed to be cut back because we were adding additional roofing to the back and I picked up a few of the nuts and they were wonderful, a bit slender compared to what you buy in the store but really delicious, I may go pick up the rest and crack them this weekend…maybe baking chocolate chip almond cookies is in my future, ha ha Nancy

  3. Man my mouth is watering!We pay $25 for a 2lb bag when I can find them.They tell us not to buy these big ones because they are being overfished!Really love reading your column.Feel as though I know you.

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