Multi Plaza – Portoviejo

Yesterday morning Joe and I took a trip to Portoviejo. We were on a mission: purchasing two more ceiling fans, a light fixture for our bathroom and a few other odds and ends for the house. We decided that each day we want to try our hardest to walk on the beach so instead of getting a moto-taxi to drive us into town we walk to the end of our street and start our slow trek to town. It takes us approximately 15-20 minutes, we come off the beach at the end of main street and either wait for the bus by the statue of the Virgin or walk a few more blocks out to the main road.  This morning it was beautiful so we continued walking out to the main road. Within 5 minutes a bus pulled up heading to Portoviejo $1 for a one hour ride.. We sat back and enjoyed the scenery, the bus stops whenever there is a passenger hailing them and has several actual bus stops (parada) the first in Charapotó, which has a very lively farmers market  on Saturday and Sundays.

The next stop is in Rocafuerte which is about the half-way point and then their is a stop at the Monumento de Maiz where we get off if we are going into centro.

For a $2.50 taxi ride we were dropped off right in front of Multi Plaza.

The small mall has first floor parking with escalators going to the shopping level. There is a KFC, Fybeca pharmacy, ToDoHogar, Kywi, Supermaxi, LosAndes Optica and Pordubanco.

We first went into Fybeca for a few items, then we had to look through ToDoHogar, which is going to be one of my favorite places, they had wonderful comforters, great looking sheets, towels in a rainbow of colors, some wonderful kitchen items including several cast iron griddles, small fry pans and something that looked like a crepe pan. They every had a handful of canning jars, more for decoration than for canning. Joe found several neat looking computers, flat screen TV’s and even some exercise equipment .

Next we went into Kywi with my list. Kywi is similar to a Home Depot in the US. We found a nice looking light fixture for the masterbath, two more ceiling fans and some bug lights for the porch. We wandered the entire store and got a good feel for what they sell. With two ceiling fans to cart onto the bus we decided that we would only take a quick peek in Super Maxi before getting a taxi back to Monumento al Maíz and our return bus to San Clemente. Our taxi driver spotted the Turistico Manabi Bus and pulled right in front of it to be sure we were able to catch that bus. It was a great bus ride back to San Clemente, we decided to stop for lunch at El Eden and our new friends Keith and Becky were enjoying their almurzo. Keith was on his way to drop Becky off at the dentist (who happens to be right in their building) and he came back to pick us up to drive us back to our place.

Patricia came by the house and we took a look, it was amazing, all the rooms were cleaned and it looks like we can move in today.

7 thoughts on “Multi Plaza – Portoviejo

  1. How exciting moving day! Sure did not take them long, the mall looks real nice, is Portoviejo a large town? I am sure it is, guess is on the coast, portoviejo for old port in spanish…?

    • Ana, We are in, my back is sore, but my heart is filled with joy. It is a very sweet “beach hut” now to finish up some of the work so I can go to the beach ha ha. Portoviejo is inland, I guess this is where all the port trading went on back in the day, it is a good sized city of about 250,000, I feel more comfortable there than in Guayaquil but Guayaquil is way bigger..there is a bigger mall that I will write about on our next visit, many more stores on two levels. N

  2. So excited to follow your progress on the house! Good luck with the move.

    As an aside, are you originally from Plymouth Meeting, PA, or is that another Nan Levin? We still have family in that area, as well as Franzone’s, our family’s restaurant. I’ll admit it–the in-law’s aren’t completely sold on this move for us just yet, and I’m hoping there’s a connection so I can point to a success story! 🙂

    • Good Morning David, Thanks for following our blog. No I am originally from Carbondale, PA. not Plymouth Meeting. I just went to your restaurants site, I would like to order the antipasto to start, with the jumbo buffalo wings, then how about a white pizza with spinach make that a large….it is 6am here and that menu is driving me crazy!!! DO YOU COOK???? Let me know what I can do to convince your family that you have not lost your mind by wanting to move to EC, I wish I were Italian instead of Polish maybe that might be more convening to them, you know being part of the family! ha ha

      We do consider ourselves truly blessed, that God has been watching over our move and our entire lives these past six years out of the states…and we pray that the blessings and graces continue to come to us. Let us know about your move, maybe we can meet in person one day! Blessing, N

      • We would love that, Nancy, and YES! We cook! We can duplicate the sauce for the pizza from scratch, but the real challenge is finding just the right mild white cheddar cheese. We don’t know, yet, if we’re going to be able to scout the coast during our first exploratory trip to Ecuador in February, but if we do, we’d love to meet you both in person. Until then, thank you for all your efforts with the blog. Keep up the good work for those of us who are not too far behind you!


        • Hi David, Cheese is a real issue here, you find some great items like Queso fresco, but to find a mild white cheddar may be a problem…Hope your first adventure is a great one, let us know where you will be spending time and maybe we could get together. We have been busy moving in, cleaning, un-boxing and trying to find a place for our STUFF, hopefully we will decide on cabinets, cupboards and storage soone the place looks kind of funky with our clothes on the one bunk bed, our food on another, very unusual storage right now. Blessings, keep reading N

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