Week 7 – Moved In

We moved in on Wednesday afternoon. All the little finishing touches have been made to our Beach Hut, the place has been cleaned and we moved across the street. I do have a small punch list of items that need to be taken care of and the painter has not finished the wall around the house but all the big stuff is done and we have enjoyed three glorious nights in our home.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Patricia, Freddy and all their workers for the hard work and especially their kindness to us while working on our home. It looks better than Joe or I expected and are proud to have met each and every one of these great folks. The good thing is many of these folks live and work right here in this area so we will see them around town I am sure. I know that Patricia and I will be good friends and that Freddy will always have a very special place in our lives all because we bought this house.

Here are the last pictures before we move all our boxes in.

We now need to decide what projects will be started next. I think that we will take the next three months off and then decide: will it be the closet for our master bedroom, will I be ready to decide on what kitchen cabinets and shelving, will I want Freddy and Patricia to make the changes to our driveway before the rains come???? So many projects and the rest of our lives to get them done.

Thanks to all of you who read the blog and have followed our journey for the past two years here in Ecuador. I cannot tell you just how much your comments and kindness have meant to us.  I am pretty busy now opening boxes and setting up. I apologize in advance for not being able to get back to each of you on your comments and emails. I will be back blogging as soon as we are settled in.

22 thoughts on “Week 7 – Moved In

  1. Nancy – so glad to hear that you and Joe are finally in your home! We will have to make a trip to have lunch with you and see your new digs!! Take care and enjoy organizing things – it has been great to see the progress on the house – great job done by all.

    Take care


    • Hey Deborah, thanks for your good wishes, we are soooooo blessed. I will pass on your comments to Patricia and Freddy they will be so happy to hear your comment. Nancy

    • Hey Ana, I am so busy unpacking no time to think about decorating, next project is the yard and those fruit trees, they need the help first!!! Kisses to you and Kiss that Nina for me too…N

  2. Home is where the heart is so I hope the hearts will keep beating here for many happy years together-Do not foget to plant the fig trees as they grow fast & you will love the fruit–Many best wishes and God bless you both in your dream home Yusuf-

    • Yusuf, home at last!!! Please explain, is there any significance to planting a fig tree, I could look it up on the internet but I am too lazy right now. And please explain to me where in the world I will fit a fig tree in my tiny yard with it’s 14 other pretty mature trees? 🙂 I have met a couple who follow the blog and are now visiting in San Jacinto. The husband knows all about tropical fruit trees as he grew them in Florida. What a stroke of luck! I am going to find a “man with a machete” and between Keith and I we are going to have this man chop and hack down to a size everything in the yard, I am thinking of removing all the grass and supplementing the soil with manure and good mountain soil. Then I would like to plant flowers around the trunks of the trees and put some stone paths around with a small table and chairs to one side. It sounds ambitions but I feel pretty good about getting the area cleaned up and the trees trimmed so as to be able to walk under them, now it is just an overgrown mass of dead branches, limbs going every which way and very little fruit because it was neglected for so long. Thanks for your comment and best wishes, God has been very good to us. Blessing, N

    • Kisses Mary and John, Mary has your sister arrived??? Thanks for the well wishes, we are exhausted, my back is killing me but the place is coming along. I would love to grab a bunch of dill to make some pickles, I had to cut back what you gave me and I have already dried it…I will give you a call later on today and see if I can run over and grab a few pieces,.,, N

    • Mary & Dennis, thanks for the well wishes, we are both exhausted from trying to get settled in. Accomplished a great deal in just a few days, pretty soon we will be ready for company, hint hint N

  3. Thanks for reply- There is no significance as such of a fig tree except that it is easy to grow and the fruit is in the ALkaline class–That is very healthy -and the tree does not take much maitainence and grows very fast with the abundant fruits- It will not take too much space if you plant it in the corner–Best wishes–Yusuf

    • Yusuf, while living in Playas the guardian for the property, Oswaldo would bring me bags of the beautiful green, ripe and sweet figs. I would bake them wrapped in bacon because it was too sinful not to, I made jam and shared it with our friends and would just wash and eat them by the handfuls. I would love a fig tree and actually there are three tree stumps in the garden where they had three additional trees. After we get everything cut back and take a look to see what we have, what we can cut down we actually would love a fig, especially if as you say it is fast growing and producing. Our only concern with putting in new trees is living long enough to see them fruit, I know kind of a morbid thought for a Monday morning…be well, Nancy and Joe

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    • Mary, thanks for your kindness in following our blog and re-posting to yours. We are so excited to be actually in our home, now getting it all prettied up….and we have the rest of our lives to do that. Nancy and Joe

  5. I admire your adventurous spirit. It takes a special type of person to go to a foreign and start life anew.

    Mike Eberhard
    Altos del Maria, Panama

    • Hey Mike, we are just so happy to finally after six years getting into our own home. Thanks for your comments, I do feel we have been pretty adventurous but it was out of necessity wish I could say it was ALL US!!! Your comment made my day! Blessings, N

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