Festival of San Clemente

During this week and through the weekend the Festival of San Clemente is going on. Every evening during the week until Thursday night starting at 8pm Mass will be offered next to the Virgin statue in centro. Different neighborhoods sponsor these Masses and refreshments  supplied by the neighborhood will follow the service.

Thursday night is a cultural event with local talent supplying the entertainment starting at 8pm.

Friday there are several activities planned including a parade at 2:30pm, with a dance starting at 10pm

Saturday finds the community participating in a boat parade at 9am starting at Vivianas Restaurant with a procession through the town Saturday morning at 10am carrying the Virgin to the church. At 11am a free gastronomic festival sponsored by the Godparents with various stands supplying food. 8pm Grand Mass Saturday evening in the Church of San Clemente where baptisms and weddings will be performed. A parade returning the Virgin from the church to the main street shrine will process after Mass with a dance at 10 pm with a free orchestra. 11pm is the spectacular fireworks display.

Sunday at 2pm games will be offered and dancing starting at 10pm.

This is an annual festival packed with fun for everyone.

6 thoughts on “Festival of San Clemente

    • Good Morning Ana, yes, she is the patron saint of the town and I guess the protector of the fishing fleet. She is also the patron of Cuba according to my research. We are looking forward to both parades, it should be fun. I will take many photos and be sure to post them fast. Have a beautiful day. Here is a prayer to her just for you. Love N

      Our Lady of Charity

      Prayer to Our Lady of Charity, Patroness of Cuba
      Most Holy Mother of Charity
      who came to us as a messenger of peace across the sea.
      You are the Mother of all Cubans
      To you we come, Most Holy Mother of God
      to honor you with love as your children.
      To your motherly heart
      we entrust our desires and hopes
      our work and our prayers.
      We pray for our torn country
      that we may be able to build
      a nation based on peace and unity.
      We pray for our families
      that they may live in fidelity and love.

      We pray for our children
      that they may grow strong
      in spirit and in body.

      We pray for our young people
      that their faith may increase,
      as well as their attachment to
      the truth.

      We pray for the sick, the homeless,
      the lonely, the exiled,
      and for all suffering souls.
      We pray for the Catholic Church in Cuba,
      for its mission,
      for its priests, deacons,
      religious and laity.

      We pray for the victory
      of justice and love
      in our country.

      Mother of Charity!
      We place ourselves
      under your mantle of protection!
      Blessed are you among women
      and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus!
      And to Him be the glory and the power
      now and forever. Amen.

      • Oh Nancy I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayer, I just printed it out, you are always so thoughtful! Thank You, Thank You!
        Love, Ana

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